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29. June 2015: Restaurant Viola @ Radisson Blu Seaside

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Arriving rather late in Helsinki as the luggage handling in HEL airport is not the fastest, I decided to have dinner at the Restaurant of the hotel I stayed at. I started with “cold smoked salmon with a twist (wasabi creme, cold smoked salmon and tartar)” (EUR 10.50, respectively EUR 8.93) which was overall rather standard, respectively disappointing. I mean, the piece of salmon was super tiny, the tartar was okay in size but you really got nothing for what you payed and it was definitely also not outstanding in any way.


When the main course was advertised as a fish tray, I decided I should give that “Fish Tray (grilled whitefish and cup of fried Vendace with lingonberry dip, cold smoked salmon and crayfish tales on malt bread with dill cucumber)” (EUR 24.00, respectively EUR 20.40) a chance. Well, definitely not the best idea. The fish was okay but flavour-wise also not really surprising and the repetition with salmon was also not really necessary. However, the food is okay but I had expected more.


What helps to mitigate the whole feeling about overpaying a bit is the 15% you get off as a “Club Carlson Gold Elite Member”. The place itself is okay but really cold (in its actual meaning) and somehow you don’t get much of a feeling like it is comfortable and cozy.


It might be that there were plenty of invisible guests that evening which I was not able to see as in my perception a total of four tables were occupied. And funny enough, there was a total of four waiters and waitresses. However, when you would wait for the waitress to come pick your order, or to complain that there was something in the water bottle which does not belong there, or just want to pay, you have to be patient. Apparently chatting with the colleagues and checking her phone was more important than attending the guests.

To sum it up – no, thank you! My experience here was an unpleasant one and I would not recommend you to go and have dinner here – overpriced, average food, not really atmospheric, and unsatisfactory service!


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Restaurant Viola @ Radisson Blu Seaside

Gräsvikskajen 3

00180 Helsinki (FI)

Tel.: +358 20 12 34 707

Homepage: http://www.radissonblu.fi

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