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1. July 2015: Restaurant Kuldse Notsu Körts

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It was the first time I have ever tried “pig’s ears” … and I must say I was not entirely to my gusto. The “crispy pig’s ears served with sauce” (EUR 7.50) are basically really just crunchy somethings (which you had no chance to identify in case you have never had pig’s ears before) with sauce. It is somehow nice if you like to chew a bit and you like the crispy but else there is not really much to it.

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The “blood sausages served with oven baked potatoes, sauerkraut and bacon” (EUR 14.00) on the other hand were absolutely good. They had rice in it which made it not a poor blood sausage but more something like a Spanish morcilla but it was definitely nice. The “pickled pumpkin” was unexpected (as not mentioned in the description of the dish) but definitely very recommendable.

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The place itself was recommended to me by a friend in order to be able to experience the real Estonian kitchen and atmosphere. Inside, it really does look comfortable and nice but as the weather as so nice I decided to be outside and spend the time people watching (which is a great place to do so). I can definitely recommend you to try the “Mee Mõdu (Honey Mead)” (0,5L for EUR 3.90) which is a beer with honey (or something like that) and tastes lovely. The “Estonian Limonade” (EUR 2.00) is pretty average – go for the Mee Mõdu. The service is friendly but seems a bit challenged with the whole situation of having to serve inside as well as outside. All in all, recommended to go!


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Restaurant Kuldse Notsu Körts

Dunkri 8

10123 Tallinn (EE)

Tel.: +372 628 6567

E-Mail: info@kuldnenotsu.ee

Homepage: http://www.kuldnenotsu.ee

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