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3. July 2015: Restaurant Rozengrāls

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The Rozengrals is again a middle age themed restaurant – even more than the Olde Hansa in Tallinn. The “smoked deer ham with cowberry and cheese cream” (EUR 12.90) is definitely good but also incredibly intense in its taste and the cheese cream portion is very generous!


As always, I kind of had to try the special and went for the “spit-fired meat cooked the medieval recipe (3 days prior to arrival of the guests, the meat is pickled with a variety of scenting herbs and flavourous spices. Then it is held in our cold cellars, where it acquires truly unique taste and flavour. Spinning on the spit during 8 hours under the constant supervision of our chef, in compliance with all secrets of the medieval mastery, the meat is cooked on the alder chips with juniper. The meat is served with rich side dish and “Egerdouce” sauce” (EUR 26.80). I must say, the EUR 26.80 are quite expensive for Riga. However, the meat is actually super tender and quite delicious! The buckwheat is a great side dish but the whole thing is on the expensive side!


When you arrive, there is already this little bag on your table – and you wonder what it is. Funny enough, it is bread …


… or rather kind of small bread loafs which are good but also a bit dry but go great with the butter which is served later.


The service does a good job – jovial, funny, dedicated, but a tiny bit unattentive. The “Honey Beer (unpasteurized, unfiltered regular beer), 0,5L” (EUR 3.50) took a solid 15 minutes until it was served which is a bit long when you are the first guest to the place. The place is already interesting from the outside though …


… and this feeling continues when you walk down the stairs …


… and finally find everything in the medieval theme. What is great is how they hid the lights – there are actual modern lights but you don’t get to see them as they are hidden behind the wooden planks and only the light shines through while you will not notice the actual lamps.






If you are up for a medieval experience, the Restaurant Rozengrals is definitely the right place to go – atmospheric as there is also live music, good food, heavy, a bit pricey but fine, and last but not least, fair service.


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Restaurant Rozengrāls

Rozena iela

1050 Riga (LV)

Tel.: +371 67 220 356

Cell: +371 25 769 877

E-Mail: info@rozengrals.lv

Homepage: http://rozengrals.lv

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