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24. October 2015: Restaurant F.X. Buckley

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The “Baby Back Pork Ribs” (EUR 8.50) to start were tender like I haven’t experienced in a long while. The meat basically just fell off the bone the moment your lips or teeth touched it. It is very seldom that you get ribs of such a quality!


The “Fillet Medium-Rare, 12oz” (EUR 39.00) with “Sauce Bearnaise” was a good piece of meat as it was cooked perfectly medium-rare as requested. Secondly, it was also quite aromatic for the grilled parts but frankly while the meat was definitely good it was not outstanding.


The “Seared Foie Gras” (EUR 12.00) as a side dish was a bit of a disappointment to be honest. The foie gras just did not taste like much and lacked flavour.


The “beef dripping chips” (EUR 3.45 usually, but included with the meat) on the other hand were very aromatic and tasty. And despite the “beef dripping flavour”, they were actually not that greasy.


The “creamed spinach with Parmesan” (EUR 4.45) was fine but almost too creamy for my personal gusto.


The “Créme Brûlée” (EUR 6.95) for dessert was really fine to finish off the dinner.


And the “double espresso” (EUR 2.90) was definitely better than expected. The prices for the beverages are generally okay, i.e. Sparkling Water, EUR 4.15, 0,75L Barbera, EUR 38.00. However, while they manage to leave a good impression with regards to the interior, the display of the meat and the atmosphere, I was taken a bit aback by the fact that we had a booking for 10pm and still had to wait like 20 minutes because our tables was not free yet. I mean, fine, it can happen that you are not exactly on time but 20 minutes for a guaranteed booking? That is too much!

All in all, I can recommend the Restaurant F.X. Buckley as the food is good, the prices are fair, the service is very friendly (once you’re seated) and the atmosphere is good. Still, be aware that you might have to be patient when you have a booking as the table might not be free yet.


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Restaurant F.X. Buckley

2 Crow Street

Dublin 2 (IE)

Tel.: +353 1 671 12 48

Homepage: http://www.fxbuckley.ie

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