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Incredibly inattentive service – a low-light: Restaurant Soho (29. January 2016)

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It is a great thing when you are served by the head waiter, isn’t it? No, it isn’t! The menu was brought to the table rather quickly and once the choice was made, the head waiter approached us to take up the order. The beverages arrived within no time. And then nothing happened. For a long time. Approximately 40 minutes, to be more exact. And only when I asked where our food was, they realized: Oopsy, the head waiter forgot to pass on the food order! Great service, really! Attention: This statement may contain hints of irony!

The “Tuna Maguro, 5 pieces” (29 BRL) – once it had arrived was actually pretty decent. The fish was aromatic and had a good consistency and would have definitely been considered lovely if I wouldn’t have to wait for it 40+ minutes.


Usually one orders “Edamame, 160gr” (13 BRL) to make sure the time flies by while you are waiting for your starter and main dish. However, in this case, the edamame was served after I had finished my starter. By the head waiter. Without an apology or anything. Just, tchack, placed onto the table, and off he was again. Dedicated and high-quality service!


Finally, my “salmon, 220gr” (56 BRL) arrived while still finishing the edamame. Well, the fish was good but too dry for my personal gusto and I found it a bit weird that you get salmon with nothing but lime. At least the fish was good in taste and the fish could be made juicy by adding some lime.


While I was really intrigued by the place at first as it is located in the Marina and you get to have a look at the kitchen, the interior is nice, and the waiters seem friendly, the head waiter really messed it up for me. Letting us wait for 40 minutes, without even being around a single minute, or apologize, or offer a free coffee, or anything.


I would really not recommend you to go to the Soho – unless you are willing to wait 40 minutes before your starter (which is basically 5 slices of tuna) is served. Else, avoid it at all cost!


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Restaurant Soho

Rua Rubens Guelli 135


41815-135 Salvador (BR)

Tel.: +55 71 34 53 54 45

Homepage: http://sohorestaurante.com.br

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