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Not really heavenly: Restaurant Heaven (28. April 2016)

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When you are dining at a place called “Heaven”, your expectations are kind of high. At least mine were. Well, they were definitely not satisfied. To be fair, we were a bit a larger group of approximately 40 people and arrived around 8pm but at the time we were the only ones there. It took them quite some time to take the order for beverages but shortly after the order was taken, the “bread and spread” was brought to the table.


I ordered “goat cheese au gratin with olives and tomato pesto” (EUR 7.90) around 8:45pm – and finally received my starter at 10:15pm. I mean, when there is an almost empty restaurant and you manage to need almost 1,5 hours to serve a starter (!) then I dare saying that either the service is super bad or the kitchen doesn’t get its shit straight. And we are not talking about a super complex starter. Their excuse was that they wanted to make sure that everyone got the starter at the same time. Fair point, nice gesture, but then I’d rather not wait 1,5 hours before getting my starter and everybody gets it at random. Plus 1,5 hours is too long anyway! And the worst was: The food is not even especially good but really rather average!


The “beef filet, 200gr” (EUR 20.00) was cooked absolutely good, perfect medium-rare as requested but the meat lacked aroma. You know when meat is so super tender and grilled as it should but it just doesn’t taste like anything? That was exactly this piece of meat! A real pity as it could have been so darn good!


The “chilli cream spinach” and the “bacon beans” which I chose as a side were also okay.


For dessert, I asked for the “Mousse au chocolate with HIMBEER coulis and apple icecream” (EUR 7.90) and while the original dish had dark and white chocolate mousse, I asked for white only and received it without any problem. The mousse is not as light as I love it but it was absolutely good.


Overall, the “Heaven” experience was definitely not heavenly. While the head waiter was helpful and pragmatic, the rest of the crew was rather “not so helpful”. The place itself is okay but the dishes are really average and the waiting time is beyond acceptable. Overall, if you are in Münster, they serve at least good meat in terms of grill and texture, however, I was personally quite disppointed.


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Restaurant Heaven

Hafenweg 31

48155 Münster (DE)

Tel.: +49 251 60 90 585

Fax: +49 251 69 20

E-Mail: info@heaven-muenster.de

Homepage: http://www.heaven-lounge.de/restaurant/

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