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Portuguese style is definitely something one has to get used to: Restaurant Doca de Santo (7. May 2016)

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The marina located right next to the sea where all the private yachts are “parked” is definitely great – not only because you can find a lot of bars and restaurants along the pier but also because it is very atmospheric. The Restaurant Doca de Santo sounds absolutely promising and has a very nice and appealing interior.

However, there are a couple of things which are not entirely satisfying – while the waiter we had first did a good job and was very attentive (at least beyond expectation), the second guy was there but paying attention at something completely else but our table (or any other for that matter).

Once we had placed to orders (which already took like 15 minutes) the starters arrived relatively timely. I went for “Bolinhas Bacalhau (3 pieces)” (EUR 3.30) as well as “Bolinhas de Carne (2 pieces)” (EUR 3.30) and I must say that was definitely a disappointment. The cod fish cakes were too dry, not really tasting like much and the meatballs were rather dull in taste.


The “Gambas de Santo” (EUR 4.30) looked absolutely promising but the batter really kind of fell off them once you had taken the first. Plus, they were cold when served. I do not exactly know what are the effects of frying food – but in my experience it is supposed to be warm thereafter.


Luckily, the “Gambas al Alho” (EUR 4.90) were definitely better. They, too, were a bit too dry but rich in taste. However, the amount of garlic used is quite extensive so you would still smell like a garlic pot when you were done with eating.


What I considered quite a rip-off is to charge EUR 2.60 for some bread and EUR 0.80 for every package of butter you would take. Not that it is a large amount but come on, really? I mean, just charge a couple of cents more for each dish and you easily compensate for it but this cover charge (which it is in fact) thing is really not “understandable”.


I was really looking forward to that “Bife a Portuguesa” (EUR 22.60) with “Mashed Spinach” (EUR 2.20) and “Batata Frita” (EUR 1.60) – and I was really disappointed. I had ordered the meat medium-rare but as a matter of fact it was not even medium but medium-well. Secondly, when I had ordered French Fries with the waiter, he told me that there were already French Fries with the dish (the ones in the picture are of someone else) but as a matter of fact, I only got chips. And, I got them all over my meat. I mean, okay, so you apparently do chips in Portugal instead of fries. Fine, I can live with that but then call them chips and not fries! Also, if you do fries, put some salt. Frankly, fries without any salt are – incredibly boring.

The “sauce” the meat was prepared and served in is quite intensive and actually quite tasty – but the combination with the chips does not really make it a dish I can recommend to anybody.


The “Mousse de Manga” (EUR 4.10) which I had for dessert was actually lovely. The portion is definitely way too big for one person – especially after such an exhaustive amount of starters – but it was rich and flavourful.


Overall, the Restaurant Doca de Santo is a nice place to eat something. But if you are expecting some high-level cuisine, then I would rather recommend you to go to Belcanto or the like. Frankly, I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the dishes served – and the attentiveness of the service. At least the prices are decent (e.g. 0,5L water, EUR 1.90).

However, if you have time to walk along the pier, you should definitely do so – as the view is absolutely lovely.


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Restaurant Doca de Santo

Doca Santo Amaro Armazém

1350-353 Lisbon (PT)

Tel.: +351 21 396 3522

Homepage: http://www.grupodocadesanto.com.pt

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