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German cuisine – but a sophisticated version: Restaurant Rotisserie WeinGrün (20. May 2016)

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When approaching the Restaurant WeinGrün you can see the “Chaîne des Rôtisseurs” logo from afar. As I was not aware that the restaurant was part of the Chaîne when booking a table I was already positively surprised by that fact. Upon entering the restaurant you feel like really comfortable – like in a place where they offer a nice selection of wines.

Once seated, you already find a small bowl of olives – which taste quite good. What was a bit surprising though …


… was that the “bread & spread” were only served after placing the order. I kind of know it that way that when you are seated you are more or less served immediately with bread and spread. In this case it was a bit different – which is usually fine – but given I was waiting for my company to arrive for like 20 minutes, I would have loved to have a bite beforehand.


I started with the “octopus salad with tomatoes, celery, saffron potatoes and an olive lemon vinaigrette” (EUR 12.00) which did not only look lovely but was actually quite dishes. It wasn’t the most tender octopus I have enjoyed in my life so far but it was definitely good. And despite of the fact that the portion looked rather small, at the end it was actually enough.


As a main dish I went for the “crunchy pork’s belly of a Duroc pig from Thüringen with a dark beer sauce” (EUR 15.00). Again – the portion looked small at first but was actually absolutely sufficient. The pork was tender but the “crunchy crust” was a bit too crunchy for my personal gusto.


I had ordered two side dishes – “small grilled potatoes with rosemary, olive oil and sea salt” (EUR 3.00) as well as a “mixed salad with a apple mustard dressing” (EUR 4.00). While the salad was actually quite rich and the application of sauce perfect (not too much, not too little), the potatoes were fine but rather dull.


The “cheese trilogy from Germany, France, and Italy with fig mustard and home-made fruit bread” (EUR 11.00) was fine. The cheeses were generally speaking tasty, however, the combination was a bit “boring”. Basically all of them were very similar in taste – a blue cheese or the like was lacking for my personal gusto.


The “double espresso” (EUR 4.90) was served with a “mousse au chocolate” which was rather unexpected but the mousse was – while being quite dark and intense – smooth.


My company ordered a “crema catalana” – and while it is often dull and definitely not freshly prepared, the top of the crema catalana was freshly prepared at the table. Something I actually have never seen so far in more than 1’500 restaurant visits in the past 6 years.


The service is very dedicated, friendly, and professional. Whenever you need someone, they are there to take your order – it is also swift, so you won’t spend hours waiting. Overall, really satisfying and just like friendly service should work. With regards to the prices, there is absolutely nothing to complain there – given the quality of the dishes you get. And this is also true for the beverages (i.e. 0,75L, Selters Light, EUR 6.90; 0,375L Catenac Château Saint Emillion, EUR 29.00; a glass of Grauburgunder Silber, EUR 9.00). Overall, I can definitely recommend the WeinGrün – lovely atmosphere, great service, good food, and decent prices – booking in advance recommended.


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Restaurant Rotisserie WeinGrün

Gertraudenstraße 10

10178 Berlin (DE)

Tel.: +49 30 20 62 19 00

Fax: +49 30 20 62 38 00

E-Mail: info@rotisserie-weingruen.de

Homepage: http://www.rotisserie-weingruen.de

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