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Comforting Macedonian dishes and semi-attentive service: Restaurant Gostilnica Dukat (30. December 2016)

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I decided to try as much as possible of the Macedonian cuisine while being in Macedonia. Therefore, I had ordered “roasted pepper, 30gr” (30 MKD), “cheese prepared in traditional wood fired oven, 130gr” (100 MKD) as well as “stuffed sauerkraut rolls (sauerkraut, rice, minced meat), 120gr” (60 MKD). Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out entirely. I got the pepper and the cheese but the sauerkraut rolls were not served – instead, I got the “baked beans, 200gr” (80 MKD) which I had ordered as a side dish to my main course. The cheese pot was delicious – basically it was molten cheese with a couple of other ingredients in a clay pot but soooo good!

As a main, I went for the “medaillons (steak, mushrooms, espagnole sauce), 350gr” (700 MKD). The meat was tender, cooked a bit too much (more towards the well-done side than medium) and went well with the “espagnole sauce” which was basically a sauce made of dried tomatoes. However, I did miss the ‘mushrooms’ which had apparently been replaced by the vegetables. The baked beans went well with the dish – but it was too heavy overall.

After asking where the “stuffed sauerkraut rolls (sauerkraut, rice, minced meat), 120gr” (60 MKD) were, we received them shortly after our inquiry. Apparently, it was forgotten (which I was not that surprised about as we had ordered quite a couple of things and the waiter didn’t take any notes). The stuffed sauerkraut rolls were smelling intensely sour (like sauerkraut) but were actually quite fine in terms of taste.

Again, I was surprised of the Macedonian wine – the “Aleksandria Cuvee” (900 MKD) was a bit heavier in terms of intensity and length than the wine (Aleksandar) which was enjoyed the night before. The place is decorated what seems to be traditional, the waiters are friendly – although not all of them speak English – and are generally attentive but, as always, towards the end of the dinner, the attention kind of withdraws. However, I can recommend you the Dukat for dinner but make sure you book a table in advance.


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Restaurant Gostilnica Dukat

Mitroplit Teodosij Gologanov 79

1000 Skopje (MK)

Tel.: +389 72 306 198

Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/GostilnicaDukat/

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