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Incredible New Year’s feast – definitely too much food: Restaurant Lyra (31. December 2016)

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The original deal for NYE was ~1’000 MKD for all you can eat and all you can drink. However, as we showed up a bit earlier than planned, we were offered the same menu and went for a bottle of “Dissan, Bovin Superior” (1’590 MKD). Given we did not participate in the evening event, it was more than fair of them to just charge us whatever we had and not the full “flat fee” price.

However, we had no clue what was going to be served as starters but learned quickly that it was going to be a lot. It started with “mushrooms with rice” which was good and definitely a comforting meal.

Secondly, a “Macedonian salad” was served which was basically a mixture of tomatoes, cheese, peppers, cucumbers, and some parsley but it was definitely of a refreshing character.

My personal highlight was definitely the “Macedonian starter plate” which consisted of an assortment of various small dishes, dips, cheese, cold cuts, everything you could potentially want. And I liked the majority of the things on the plate a lot – only the three dips (on the left side in the picture) were not so much to my gusto but the rest was exquisite.

Yet another plate was part of the starters round – “boletus with white yoghurt sauce” and while it looked not that appealing, it was surprisingly good. Not quite sure if I would have ordered it as a dish from the menu but given stuff was just brought to our table, it was definitely worth trying.

The main course consisted of “potatoes, pork, and lamb”. The meat was rather fatty overall so not my preferred type of meat. Especially the lamb had an incredibly thick layer of fat which I scraped off – but the part which was actually meat was quite tasty. The pork reminded me a bit of suckling pig as the skin was thick and hard to cut but the meat was tender like butter.

Together with the main course, “sauerkraut stuffed with minced meat” was served – and this was definitely too much. I mean, it was already more than enough after having had the starters and then the main itself but the sauerkraut on top was definitely over the top. However, I tried one and it was similar to the one yesterday and the one on the starter plate but warm. Which I actually liked better than cold. Still, I don’t get why you would put it on the starter plate and as part of the main course.

And when dessert was served after that, I definitely felt like bursting. But whatever was on that plate, it was actually tasty. Overall, the dishes are great but it is just too much food. Something I encountered in every restaurant I visited in Macedonia though. It seems the concept of “the more, the better” still applies – which is a pity, i.e. food waste. I also briefly talked to the restaurant owner (a German who moved to Macedonia) and she confirmed that the portions are usually huge and it is incredibly how much food goes to waste.

The place itself is nicely decorated and they put a lot of effort into making it perfect for NYE. The service was generally good as they were friendly and attentive but was a bit confusing in the beginning as I didn’t remember that I had booked the “NYE special” (flat fee offer) as it was booked like 1 month in advance. So I kept asking for the menu and the waiter just ignored me and only – upon me insisting – explained me that the menu was pre-set.

Overall, I can recommend you to dine at the Lyra – you will also experience tasty Macedonian dishes, and lots of it.


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Restaurant Lyra

Nikola Tesla 11

1000 Skopje (MK)

Tel.: +389 2 308 3020

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/restoranlira

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