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A truly exceptional lunch experience: Restaurant Accademia del Gusto (4. April 2017)

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The Restaurant Accademia del Gusto is always good for another foodie experience – it is quite some time ago since I’ve last paid the place a visit but when you enter again you immediately know why you like the restaurant. Not only you are welcomed in a friendly and nice way but the restaurant is spacious, i.e. you have enough space between the single tables so you get to enjoy your privacy.

On weekdays, there is a lunch menu and it comes – your choice – with either salad or soup. The salad is beyond a regular green salad which you can see so often but is actually quite rich with tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery.

As a main course, I went for the “grilled entrecôte, served with rocket salad, tomatoes, burrata” (CHF 42.00) …

… and “French fries”. The entrecôte was absolutely delicious and – contrary to my expectation – quite a lot. The burrata was well seasoned at the brink of too seasoned but generally good. The French fries were nicely fried but a bit too stroppy for my personal gusto.

Frankly, where in Zurich do you get for lunch – for a relatively decent price – a nice selection of friandises these days? Agreed – almost nowhere! The Accademia del Gusto remains one of these gems within the city still offering small treats like these.

As mentioned previously, the place is stunning in terms of decoration and – more importantly – attention to detail. Everything is aligned perfectly, the new cutlery is served with white gloves making sure it all looks flawless.

And when it comes to the service, you are not only welcomed in a very friendly way but the service takes care of you throughout your whole lunch journey. Definitely in an exceptional way like you do not experience very often these days. If you are looking for an exceptional lunch experience in a lovely atmosphere with good service and tasty dishes for a relatively decent price, I can absolutely recommend you to have lunch here – just make sure to book your table in advance!


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Restaurant Accademia del Gusto

Rotwandstrasse 48

8004 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 241 62 43

Fax: +41 44 241 42 07

E-Mail: info@accademiadelgusto.ch

Homepage: http://www.accademiadelgusto.ch

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