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Be on time – don’t be early though: Restaurant I Latina (11. April 2017)

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I had booked a table for 7pm but given traffic can never be fully anticipated, the Uber arrived a bit earlier than 7pm. And while I do understand that they only open at a certain time, there was a security guy standing in front of the door, looking at the watch, stating that it will only open in 7 minutes. Well, sure, okay, no worries, but that was definitely more than surprising to me!

However, once it was 7pm sharp, the door was opened and you were free to enter. And what astonished me further more – the place got packed within minutes. It seems like really somehow one of the places to be in Guadalajara. However, as a starter I had ordered a “Moscu Mule (45ml de Absolut Elix, Cerveza, Gengibre y Limón)” (100 MXN) which was rather dull. Luckily, we were the first ones to enter so we could get a new table assigned as the one originally assigned was exposed to three (!) ACs so you would end up sick for sure!

As a starter I went for the “Taco Tropical (Camarones empanizados, salsa fresca de piña, jitomate y cebolla morada, disco de jícama y aioli de chipotle)” (128 MXN) which was quite delicious actually, and most positively surprising was the fact that the taco was not made of flour but was a vegetable which was extremely thinly cut! Lovely!

After the starter was served, some “pan con tomate” was served as a little greeting from the kitchen. Now, while I appreciate the effort, I am of the opinion that these things should definitely be served before the actual course plus the greeting was a rather weak one.

Luckily, the main course was better again – the “Salmón Wasabi (marinado y cocinado al grill (210gr), servido sobre fideos udón, crema de wasabi y salsa agridulce de soya)” (245 MXN) was quite tasty. The udon noodles at the bottom with the beans, and the slightly spicy wasabi sauce (primarily put as a decoration it seemed) were good with the salmon. A pity though that the salmon was not really juicy but rather dry.

The place itself is quite interesting … the decoration is a bit over the top and to a large degree – at least that is what it seems to me – random. In a lot of areas there are little statues of pigs – not sure what that has to do with a “I Latina” but well :-)

Remember, if you decide to go, don’t be there before 7pm – no use! Unless, obviously, you like to wait outside!

Overall, the I Latina is a decent restaurant with nice dishes in a cozy atmosphere but some room for improvement when we talk about the service. However, you should make sure to book your table in advance as it seems one doesn’t stand a chance to score a table as a walk-in!


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Restaurant I Latina

Inglaterra 3128

Vallarta Poniente

44110 Guadalajara (MX)

Tel.: +52 33 36 47 77 74

Homepage: http://www.ilatinarest.com

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