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Pork ribs with actual meat on it in the middle of nowhere: Restaurant La Finca (18. April 2017)

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The car ride from El Arenal to Tamarindo is quite a long one – so it is perfect to have a little break in between. We intended to have something in a little town – but everything was closed so we ended up going to this place called ‘La Finca’ which is not really in the town of Santa Cruz but really just somewhere in the middle at a corner – and while I was a bit reluctant at first as it looks like one of these remote place you know from bad movies where fucked up shit happens, I was actually quite positively surprised.

It is an open-air restaurant – luckily covered from the sun – but you get to sit outside and you can watch the pizzaiolo prepare the pizzas (if you want any). The area is quite decent – besides the fact that the restaurant is located right next to the highway. However, the waitress was friendly and helpful and shortly after I had ordered the “Pork Ribs (BBQ grilled pork ribs with sautéed potatoes)” (6’500 CRC), they were served. And what was truly amazing was the fact that there was a whole lot of meat on the bones. I mean, usually you would get a tiny bit of meat with a lot of bone but here you get actually great meat. Almost too much! Unfortunately, the BBQ sauce in which the meat is prepared is not so generously applied so you will have meat without the tasty BBQ sauce large parts of your way.

The view – as stated – is quite lovely it wasn’t for the proximity to the highway …

… and despite the fact that everything is in the shade, it is unbearably hot outside. But if you’re hungry, this is the perfect stop to fuel up and get prepared for the ride ahead to Tamarindo (which turns out to be only an additional 20 minutes).

Overall, not my preferred option but on the way to Tamarindo, definitely a good place to enjoy something to eat before starving.


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Restaurant La Finca

Contiguo Entrada Hotel el Sabenero Canafistula

Santa Cruz (CR)

Tel.: +506 88 27 61 36

E-Mail: ventasmilandrover@gmail.com

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/Restaurante-La-Finca-1844320209149400/

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