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I always end up here – and I never regret it: K Urban Beach Club (12. May 2017)

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Somehow, I always end up at K Urban Beach Club when I’m in Lisbon. And somehow, it always is already bright again when I leave the club. The K Urban Beach Club is, as the name suggests, located right next to the river shore and is rather selective in admitting people. Or at least they pretend to be. What is quite interesting though is the attitude towards foreigners. I mean, usually, you’re super welcome but it seems to be a bit different in Portugal. We were a small group of four and one of the group spoke Portuguese and the bouncer thought we wouldn’t understand. Well, turns out, we do. He specifically asked if I was English or German – and after stating I was Swiss, we were admitted. I mean, come on, really?

Usually, there is a huge queue to enter – but there is a little ‘side entrance’ where you get to the hip hop floor. But you can easily then cross to the ‘general floor’ once inside. And the queue is usually waaaaaaaay shorter. So, use this ‘hidden’ (it’s actually not hidden but not even the local knew it existed :-D) entrance to shorten your waiting time.

Once inside, the party is absolutely going and in various rooms (it is not really floors as it is all on the same floor but there are various rooms with different DJs). The main one is where you have a mixture between house and the latest charts. And then there is the said hip hop floor – and around 2am to 3am, another small room opens where they play rather hard electro.

But what is truly beautiful about the club is the fact that you can be outside and relax at the pool, having a marvelous view onto the river shore.

The concept here is a bit different than in Western European clubs – you get an ‘entrance’ card. And you ‘pay’ everything with this card. And before you leave, you have to pay the card as they check that your card is ’emptied/paid’ when you’re trying to leave. Overall, the K Urban Beach Club is one of the clubs one should definitely visit when in Lisbon!


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K Urban Beach Club

Cais da Viscondessa

Rua da Cintura Santos

1200-109 Lisbon (PT)

Tel.: +351 962 755 522

E-Mail: geral@grupo-k.pt

Homepage: http://www.grupo-k.pt

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