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A great speakeasy hidden in a coffee place: Ounce Bar (30. May 2017)

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I love speakeasy bars – but often they are no real speakeasies anymore. I mean, the Ounce was even hosted in a travel guide. Not sure you can still call it a speakeasy if you walk into the coffee shop called “Relax Café” and the guy behind the counter directly asks “Ounce?”. Still, worth going as you are led through a hidden door …

… away from the coffee counter …

… to the side …

… where you have to press this button in the frame …

… and wait until the door is opened …

… where there is a proper little bar! There is space for maybe 20 people – not more – and obviously (!) they had to make us wait (if only for 10 seconds) to check if there was space. Yes, there was, and plenty of it.

The bar is lovely – a bit dark but lovely! However, that is the concept as you are asked to even close the bathroom door (which opens right to the bar) before you switch on the light. They offer a variety of different drinks ranging from standard drinks like “Moscow Mule” (400 NTD) which tasted good …

… to a variety of drinks which they prepare to your liking (depending on which booze you want). The one which had “Egg Yolk” (400 NTD) in it was not entirely my gusto but at least I tried something new.

All in all though, it is a great place as the atmosphere is lovely, the waiters are super dedicated, friendly, and supportive. So definitely worth going although not really that easy to find – we were wandering around for quite a bit before we finally found the place!

In terms of bars, this was definitely my highlight in Taipei – worth a visit and even decent in terms of prices. And a superb atmosphere!


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Ounce Bar

No. 40, Lane 63

Section 2

Dunhua South Road

Da’an District

106 Taipei City (TW)

Tel.: +886 2 27 08 68 85

Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/OunceTaipei

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