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Japanese tea ceremony in a perfectly relaxing atmosphere: Wistaria Tea House (31. May 2017)

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Personally, I have never attended a Japanese tea ceremony so far and I’m sure it is not the same in Taiwan as it would be in Japan – but I suppose you get a good first impression on how such a ceremony usually goes. You basically pick your teas and we went for “Wistaria Tea” (320 NTD), “Tipsy Tea” (350 NTD) and “Ancient Heights Tea” (400 NTD) which are then brought to your table in a distinct way. On a tray you get the set on how to prepare tea. Basically, there is a boiling pot of hot water on the side of the table. You then pour the water into the little pot on your tray where you also put in the tea. Now, after letting it sit for a couple of seconds (depending on the tea), you pour the tea into the large bowl on the right from which you then pour it into the smaller high bowls. Then you sniff the tea. After that, you pour it into the smaller flat bowls from which then you finally drink the tea.

The “mochi” (80 NTD) are a good complement to the tea – and it is quite some tea you end up drinking in the end.

What I absolutely loved about the place – besides the tea ritual itself – is the atmosphere. The place is absolutely lovely – you are immediately put into a state of relaxation and joy.

The do pay a lot of attention to detail and are – generally – very attentive making it a lovely experience.

When you are in search of the place, you will find a small but lovely garden …

… with a fish pond. The fish welcome you when you approach them (expecting food obviously).

If you have never had a Japanese tea ceremony, I can highly recommend you to visit the Wistaria Tea House as the place is lovely plus the experience is unique.


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Wistaria Tea House

No. 1, Lane 16, Section 3

Hsin Sheng South Road

Da’an District

106 Taipei (TW)

Tel. #1: +886 2 23 63 73 75

Tel. #2: +886 2 23 63 94 59

Fax: +886 2 23 63 72 34

E-Mail: wistariateahouse@gmail.com

Homepage: http://www.wistariateahouse.com

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