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A speakeasy which isn’t a speakeasy anymore: Alchemy Bar (31. May 2017)

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The Alchemy bar used to be a speakeasy but has turned to a normal bar by now. Still, it is not that easy to find the entrance as it is basically in a club where there is a door leading to it – but not hidden as you would expect a speakeasy to be. And they are making it very pseudo-exclusive. Apparently, you have to book a table in advance as else you won’t get in. Now, makes sense and I did so by calling them. However, when we arrived the place was absolutely empty (it started filling up later) and the waitress was still like ‘so, eh, are you on the list?’. I mean, okay, I get it – you’re supposed to be a fancy bar but somehow you’re trying way too hard. Additionally, when I booked the table the mentioned various times that you have to have a minimal consumption of 400 NTD per person – and a drink costs around 450 NTD. So, basically you have to have one drink – big deal. Not sure why you have to mention it like three times. Plus, they were rather explicit with regards to ‘no sandals’ – and tada, 10 minutes after we’ve walked in four Americans were seated next to us – all in sandals! So much about ‘exclusive’.

At least the drinks are interesting and quite good – I went for the “Beginning of Prohibition (Cognac, Dark Rum, Peach, Maraschino, Lime Juice, Honey, Bitters)” (450 NTD) which was refreshing and quite tasty.

The “Masu Punch (Homemade Shiso Gin, Grape, Purcia, Honey, Lime Juice, Shisho Leaves)” (450 NTD) was even more refreshing but a bit tiny

The entrance to the Alchemy is basically a place called “BLVD” and as soon as you’ve entered …

… you turn right where there are stairs …

… turning left when you are on top of the stairs …

… and you enter the bar which is actually quite nice in atmosphere …

… but was rather empty. So, overall, I guess at some point the Alchemy was a super cool speakeasy. Nowadays, it is still a really decent bar with good drinks and a lovely atmosphere but they are trying way too hard to be exclusive, special, and somehow fancy which I didn’t like.

Still, if you are not going there with the expectation of ‘fancy’ and ‘outstanding’ and the like, I can absolutely recommend you to have a drink at the Alchemy bar.


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Alchemy Bar

16-1?, Section 5

Xinyi Road

Xinyi District

110 Taipei City (TW)

Tel.: +886 2 27 20 00 80

Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/BarAlchemy

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