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Amazing view all over the city of Amsterdam: Restaurant Madam @ A’DAM Tower (12. August 2017)

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Independently of the fact if you decide to dine at the Restaurant Madam, you should definitely pay the A’DAM Tower a visit as the view from above onto the city of Amsterdam is absolutely amazing and definitely worth seeing. Once you’re seated – and it is absolutely recommendable to book a table in advance (especially if you’re in a larger group) – a waiter comes to attend you quite swiftly. However, it takes quite some time until you’re finally brought anything. The “bread and spread” are decent in taste to start.

I went for the “steak tartar, avocado, corn, lime” which looked lovely and it was an absolutely sound dish – not really outstanding or anything but something you can eat at any time, solid, with a light hint of special due the corn and lime which came with it.

Given Amsterdam is close by the sea, I decided to go for the catch of the day which was “Madam’s Catch of the Day (polak – white fish – with fregola sarda and cauliflower cream)”. Over the past years I secretly became an admirer of fregola sarda. This little, tiny, ball-like looking pasta which doesn’t really have the consistency of pasta is just somehow a perfect match to almost any main dish. The fish on the other hand was light and good in taste and consistency.

I liked the fact that they’ve had cheese on the menu so I went for the “cheeses by ‘Bourgondish Lifestyle’, fresh figs, apple syrup”. What was a bit of a disappointment was the fact they didn’t even bother to explain which kinds of cheeses have been served. However, overall it was quite good.

While the place is lovely, the food is good and the prices are okay, I must admit that the service wasn’t up to the task. At first they were helpful and friendly but after some time they became rather annoying. And by annoying I mean “accidentally” putting the expensive wine on the menu instead of the cheaper one. Not really a nice way to treat your customers – even if they are at a bachelorette party where everybody is supposedly wasted. The “Jass-Min (grey goose, bols peach, sherry, jasmin, lime)” (EUR 14.00) drink on the other hand was good and refreshing – definitely worth trying.

I am not sure how to rate the place overall – I mean the place is lovely especially in terms of view and is actually quite easily reachable by ferry from the ‘Amsterdam mainland’. On the other hand, the treatment we got wasn’t really satisfactory. I guess the best thing is to try it our yourself.


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Restaurant Madam @ A’DAM Tower

Overhoeksplein 3

1031 KS Amsterdam (NL)

Tel.: +31 20 237 63 10

E-Mail: info@madamamsterdam.nl

Homepage: http://www.madamamsterdam.nl

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