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The slowest service ever – an absolute no go: Restaurant Schiller (24. August 2017)

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If you want to know about a place you should absolutely never go for lunch – this is it: Restaurant Schiller! At first, everything was fine. We had booked a table, were seated and got served some “bread and butter”. The bread was fine, the butter too.

Given it was lunch time and we didn’t have too much time at hand, we both decided to go for the ‘daily menu’. You know, the thing which you would expect to be served within no time so you can get back to work. Yeah, that thing. And again, at first everything was good. The “cold apricot rosemary soup” was not only served within about 5 minutes but it was also quite delicious.

And then, the waiting began. And it lasted. And lasted. And lasted. A solid 45 (!!!) minutes until the main course – we recall of the ‘daily menu’ – was served. Admittedly, the “sautéed tuna cubes and prawns served on a sauce from the Provence on saffron rice” (CHF 37.00) was good. The tuna was done a bit too much for my personal gusto but still a sound dish. If it would only have been served approximately 30 minutes earlier. I mean, 45 minutes is just an absolute no go!

And guess what – when the waitress asked us in the end if everything was okay, I told her that it was absolutely unacceptable that we had to wait 45 minutes for our main course. Shortly after, the boss appeared and apologized. You know, I don’t care. If it is the daily menu which you are supposed to be super prepared for then come up with bullshit like “yeah, there is always so many people around midday”. No, really? What a surprise!!! You are a restaurant at the best location, offering a loooot of tables, and a daily menu – and you still manage to fuck it up! Great job! Never again!!!


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Restaurant Schiller

Sechseläutenplatz 10

8001 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 222 20 30

Fax: +41 44 222 20 33

E-Mail: info@brasserie-schiller.ch

Homepage: http://www.brasserie-schiller.ch

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