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Overcooked T-Bone and non-crispy fries: Restaurant Safi (10. February 2018)

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Yesterday, I was introduced to the Safi as a restaurant which offers a perfect combination between Sea and Meat. So I decided to give it a try for lunch. Now, on a Saturday you would have a Pan-Asian lunch which doesn’t look appealing at all (I didn’t try it so I cannot judge but it really didn’t feel like something you want to try). However, the place looks actually quite nice in terms of decoration (definitely the loveliest of all the restaurants in the resort) so I decided to try something à la carte. The “T-Bone (T-Bone steak is a beef cut from the short loin/sirloin and includes a ‘T-shaped bone’. Best grilled to medium-rare temperature; the meat near the bone tends to cook more slowly than other parts of the steak) (350gr, 189 AED) with “crispy steak fries” and “fresh sauce Béarnaise” looked quite tasty. it was a bit thin for my personal gusto but it still looked good. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t as good as i thought it would be.

The T-Bone steak was a bit overcooked and instead of a nice medium-rare it was done medium-well. The cripsy fries weren’t that crispy but a bit sloppy but the freshly prepared sauce Béarnaise was truly outstanding!

The “Pandan Crème Brûlée (mixed berries compote and lemon biscotti)” definitely looked interesting – especially in terms of coloring. However, I will stick to the traditional one as the taste of pandan leaves doesn’t really push through so it tastes more like nothing than anything special.

The “bread & butter” was fine and necessary as it took them quite a while to prepare the food.

All in all, the dishes were not as good as the night before – unfortunately. So, while I believe that there is some wasted potential present in this resort in terms of the qualities of the head chef, it shows that the quality varies from day to day, which is – truly speaking – a pity.

To sum it up, you get decent food at the Ajman Saray, however, in my feeling you can see that the crowd which usually attends the hotel is more into getting a lot of it. Now, that doesn’t mean the food is bad but you can see that the concept just isn’t to provide unique dining experiences but rather to satisfy the masses – while the talent is there to also create the fine dining experiences.


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Restaurant Safi

The Ajman Saray, A Luxury Collection Hotel

Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street, Al Nakhil 2

Ajman (UAE)

Tel.: +971 67 14 22 22

Fax: +971 67 14 22 23

E-Mail: fb.ajmansaray@luxurycollection.com

Homepage: http://www.safirestaurant.com

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