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When it takes more than 30 minutes to receive the check: Restaurant Schützenstube (31. May 2018)

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I have been to the Restaurant Schützenstube before and while I had liked the dishes, I despised the slow service last time. And well, nothing much has changed. The menu was brought rather swiftly to the table and I got my hopes up. I shouldn’t have. When we had ordered the drinks, it took them a solid 10 minutes to bring a coke zero and a glass of water. Well, at least they managed to take up our order before that. Part of the daily menu was a “potato cream soup”. It didn’t look much like cream but much more like water. But, to be fair, the potato water soup was actually quite good.

As the vegetarian options were rather limited, I went for the “risotto with chanterelles” which looked a bit sad but – again – was actually quite good. So, in my opinion, the Restaurant Schützenstube manages to create quite good dishes for lunch. However, they fail quite miserably at presenting them in an appealing way.

In addition to that, their service is – frankly – probably the slowest in town. There is what seems to be the owner. Well, she isn’t the friendly one and definitely also not very swift. However, the waitress which seems to be an employee is very friendly and dedicated and really tries her best to be swift. But somehow, it just isn’t possible. When I ordered the bill it took – and I’m not exaggerating here – a solid 30 minutes before we were able to pay. I mean, it is bringing a slip of paper and it is bringing the POS terminal and finally making sure the bill is paid. Shouldn’t take 30 minutes. Especially, when we are talking about approximately 15 tables.

So, if you have, as I had that day, quite enough time, it is fine to have lunch here. If you are looking for a classical swift business lunch, I would definitely tell you not to go there. Speed is of essence – and there is no speed here!


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Restaurant Schützenstube

Rathausstrasse 12-14

4410 Liestal (CH)

Tel.: +41 61 921 08 08

Fax: +41 61 921 23 03

E-Mail: info@schuetzenstube.com

Homepage: http://www.schuetzenstube.com

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