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Lovely traditional Austrian dishes: Restaurant Plachutta Wollzeile (23. June 2018)

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In the Plachutta you get traditional Austrian dishes which are served in large soup pots where the meat and the vegetables are boiled …

… ranging from things like “Krustelspitz” …

… to “Weisses Scherzel” (EUR 20.90) …

… or “Schulterscherzel” (EUR 21.40) which is basically beef cooked in broth together with some vegetables. And to be entirely honest, I do not entirely taste the difference between the different dishes. Admittedly, the meat is tasty and the vegetables are good.

But what is somehow the best is the “broth” soup which has a very intense flavour. It is not only good in the very beginning but also in the very end when all the vegetables and the meat are gone and you have nothing but the broth left.

The “roesti” which is served as a side dish to the meat was good but a bit too crunchy for my personal gusto.

There is something like a ‘bread paste’ which is also served with the meat. Somehow, it is interesting in taste but not entirely to my liking.

When we arrived, we had a table for 6 people booked but somehow we ended up being 10 people and despite the fact that it was a busy Saturday evening, they made sure that we would find a table and space to sit down and enjoy the evening. I suppose we weren’t an entirely ‘easy’ table but despite that the waiters did an amazing job at delivering. Just sometimes you would have to be waiting for a bit until they finally brought the new drinks.

When you are in Vienna, you should definitely pay a visit to the Plachutta Wollzeile – a truly traditional location with tasty dishes and friendly service. Booking in advance highly recommended.


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Restaurant Plachutta Wollzeile

Wollzeile 38

1010 Vienna (AT)

Tel.: +43 1 512 15 77

E-Mail: wollzeile@plachutta.at

Homepage: http://www.plachutta-wollzeile.at

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