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Getting spoiled with a feast in First Class: LH498 FRA – MEX (18. August 2018)

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Once you’ve arrived to your seat you’re immediately taken care of very well. It all starts with a glass of champagne and the mandatory nuts.

Shortly after, even before take off, you’re served a small “crab salad” which is surprisingly good to begin.

Once you’re up in the air and have reached cruising altitude, you get served the typical first class starter: “caviar with the traditional garnishes”. And I must say that it was a very nice experience, not only because it was generous but also because it was delicious.

So good, that I had asked for a top up and got one …

Then, the feast continues with a selection of starters like “corn-fed poularde with fennel kimchi and pesto”, “Teriyaki salmon with pickled red radish, wasabi crème fraîche” and “green gazpacho jelly, pumpkin and lime yogurt” plus “fresh leaf salad with grilled bell pepper, accompanied by yogurt and lime dressing”. The selection of dishes is quite fine but wasn’t anything outstanding really.

I did like the “lychee and basil sorbet flavored with champagne” though – but I must say the serving frequency was definitely a bit too high. I mean, almost every 10 – 15 minutes there was a new dish there.

As a main, I went for the “gilthead with tarragon oyster sauce, leaf spinach and tomato gnocchi” and it was surprisingly tasty. There was a bit of salt missing but else, it was actually very good. Especially the tomato gnocchis.

For dessert, the “cream cheese mousse with pistachio biscuit, coconut blossom sugar chocolate crumbles, cherry ragout and heart-cherry ice cream” was served. And this was somewhat too much for me. Not only it was too much in total but it was also the least tasty dish of all served.

Somewhat later during the flight, I decided to have a last meal and I went for the “gourmet burger with truffle mayonnaise, brie, onion marmalade and arugula accompanied by vegetable chips”. I had not been expecting much, however, I was very positively surprised as the burger was rather tasty and the vegetable chips were delicious!

All in all, if you get to fly first class, it’s definitely time to take advantage of the service to the max. The food is absolutely good, the service is very caring and just all in all exquisite. So, whenever you have a chance to do so, enjoy!


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