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Yet another great find by ‘Where Chefs Eat’: Restaurant Origen (22. August 2018)

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The Origen is another find from the book ‘Where Chefs Eat‘. And it is also a place definitely worth visiting. As a starter, you are served “tostatadas de maíz blanco y negro’ with “chile canario”. Not sure what canario exactly is but in any case, the chili is rather spicy.

I decided to go for the “menu de degustacion” (650 MXN) with “pairing” (380 MXN). It started with “ensalada de quelitos con insectos y pesto de hoja santa (local greens salad with insect and hoja santa pesto)” which was at first not that intriguing given the worms and grasshoppers on there but in combination with the green-ness of the salad (you could literally taste it) and the pestos, it really made for a great starter.

As a pairing, they didn’t serve wine but some Mezcal drink which was good but also rather strong!

The next course was “chileatole con escamoles”, so again something with insects …

… where the chili sauce was poured all over. Truly delicious but also nicely spicy.

The “tostada de ceviche” was my favourite dish that night. The fish was fresh and had an intense flavour and in combination with the onion, it really was mouth-watering.

What was a bit of a mental exercise was the “lengua con chichilo (tongue with chichilo)”. I mean, I’ve had tongue before and I actually quite liked it, however, I’ve never had it that “transparent” right in front of you. It is a bit of a different animal if you have it sliced down in thin pieces or there is the whole tongue laying in front of you. However, the texture is interesting and the flavour was actually good.

The “quesos artesanales, compota de guayaba y chilhuacle (local cheeses with chilies chihuacle)” were the fail of the evening. I suppose they are good at a lot as the dishes before have shown, however, when it comes to cheeses, then there is not really much there. At least the ones I got served weren’t all that great. Ultimately, they would have done better with some queso Oaxaca.

The “postre de maíz (corn dessert)” was great again and the perfect final for a great dinner.

The place itself is just somewhat lovely. It reminded me of the Restaurant 1621 I’ve been to in Cartagena, Colombia. I like the decoration and that the restaurant is located on the second floor …

… and it even looks nicer in the evening (when leaving) when the lamps are lit.

The ceiling of the restaurant is decorated with a lot of colorful sheets which make it absolutely nice and comfortable.

The waiters do – generally speaking – a great job. However, they could be a bit more attentive when it comes to pouring some water. The prices are fine for the dishes as well as for the beverages (e.g. 0,33l Perrier, 35 MXN; double espresso, 40 MXN). I can highly recommend you to pay the Restaurant Origen a visit when in Oaxaca – just make sure to book a table in advance as you won’t stand a chance to secure one if you don’t.


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Contact Details:

Restaurant Origen

Hidalgo 820

Centro Histórico

68000 Oaxaca (MX)

Tel.: +52 951 501 1764

Homepage: http://www.origenoaxaca.com

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