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Great experience but an overly chatty waiter: Restaurant Slate (26. September 2018)

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I had been told about the Restaurant Slate before and only heard good things, so it was about time to try it. I went for the “five course menu” (EUR 69.00). But that is something you only get to after you had been seated in the lounge area and welcomed by the waiter and the sommelier. Lovely reception. Nice setting (I truly liked the interior). And jovial people. Too jovial. The guy just couldn’t stop talking about things – I mean, okay, nice, some small talk, great. But at some point it’s like, dude, get a life and find someone else to talk to. It wasn’t intrusive but just too much.

The “bread and spread” was lovely and the bread was actually quite delicious, so definitely a good start into the evening.

As the menu is basically a surprise menu, you don’t really get an idea what you’ll get. But it all started with a little surprise from the kitchen, a “beef carpaccio with smoked mousse” which was refreshing yet had a nice intensity to activate your palate.

The first course on the other hand was a bit of a disappointment – the “smoked trout wrapped in radish, served with garden cress and butter milk” (usually EUR 14.00) was just somehow lacking flavour. It was a rather boring and bland dish.

Luckily,things changed with the second course – the “garden egg 3.0, SAIBLING caviar, herbs and potatoes” (usually EUR 13.00) which was absolutely delicious! The Onsen egg was perfect in combination with the bread croutons, the herbs and the plop effect of the caviar. Definitely worth trying!

What I considered a bit surprising was the fact that there was another dish following based on char – luckily though, it was okay as the dish was actually absolutely mouth-watering! The “Arctic char, ginger, peperoni, lovage” (usually EUR 22.00) was absolutely outstanding as a combination of consistencies and flavours!

The “black feather chicken, Indian spices, yogurt, tomato, chili, potato puree” (usually EUR 29.00) was fine but not what I’d consider very special.

The “piña colada (opalis, coco, pine apple)” (usually EUR 14.00) was a great ending to the dinner. Refreshing, really somehow a piña colada without alcohol. Lovely!

The “friandises” looked lovely but weren’t that exquisite either – although the chocolate itself was good.

What I truly liked about the place, especially considering that it is Berlin, was the atmosphere and the interior design. Somewhat really a lovely outlay and you would feel comfortable right away.

The service was generally good, explained the dishes and all but when it came to the selection of wines, I got basically offered (at first) one option which was a EUR 150.00 bottle which is – in my opinion – just too much for one bottle of wine as the only offer. Only when I had asked again, I was offered something around EUR 85.00. I get it, you want to make money and you want it to be the place to be but honestly, not sure it works that way. All in all, the ‘Slate’ is definitely worth visiting but unfortunately it’s rather empty, so no need to book in advance. You have to be aware that it is on the pricier side for Berlin but it is worth the investment. Only on the wine front, I’d probably safe a bit more.


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Restaurant Slate

Elisabethkirchstraße 2

10115 Berlin (DE)

Tel.: +49 30 223 27 518

E-Mail: info@slateberlin.com

Homepage: http://www.slateberlin.com

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