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Amazing tapas place worth the travel: Restaurant Casa Montaña (13. October 2018)

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The Restaurant Casa Montaña was also mentioned in the book “1001 restaurants you must experience before you die” – and again, it was absolutely worth visiting. You can basically order a variety of tapas which are then brought to your table as they are prepared (so do not expect to get them in the order of ordering them). The “morcilla de burgos” (EUR 2.65 per piece) was tasty but had too much rice for my personal gusto.

The “platito jamón Iberíco” (EUR 13.10) was absolutely delicious. I mean, the price for this is always quite ridiculously high but given the taste and the quality, that is still fine.

And when you can see how they prepare it, then that’s just making it even better.

The “longaniza” (EUR 2.00 per piece) on the other hand was a bit of a disappointment as it didn’t taste like much. Admittedly, the sausage was smooth in terms of flavour and texture but it wasn’t anything exciting.

The “platito pimientos de padrón” (EUR 3.90) was good, especially since the pimientos were rich in terms of flavour and the salt was applied generously but in a pleasant way.

The “boquerones fritos” (EUR 3.90) were absolutely fine – crispy, not having much own taste but with a generous application of the lemon juice, I liked them quite a lot.

The only thing which I considered misaligned was the “plato calamar de playa” with EUR 17.25. I get that fresh seafood isn’t cheap and I get it that this is somewhat not so standard but for the given quality, I must admit, I would not pay EUR 17.25 again. The calamar was rather chewy (or at least too chewy for my personal gusto).

The “patatas bravas” (EUR 4.35) were okay as well – I mean, they were potatoes so nothing extraordinary but with the whipped light garlic sauce, that was quite a perfect combination.

The place has a lot of tradition (founded in 1836) and still emits this flair of having been there for centuries!

The inside is decorated with barrels …

… and a lot of wine bottles. You just feel like you’re in a very local place with a lot of locals (there aren’t many tourists; maybe also because it is a bit remote) and you get to taste their local food. And it was a very good experience.

Make sure you book in advance which would allow you to not queue and wait for a table to become free – we had to wait about 20 minutes until a table was available. Once you’re finally seated and get to enjoy the atmosphere and the dishes, things fall into place and you immediately feel like you’ve arrived in your vacation destination. And on top of that, the service is friendly, caring and swift – despite the fact that it is rather full and crowded and messy. So, all in all, I can very much recommend you to eat here – book in advance and you skip the line.


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Restaurant Casa Montaña

Carrer de Josep Benlliure 69

46011 València (E)

Tel.: +34 963 67 23 14

E-Mail: info@emilianobodega.com

Homepage: http://www.emilianobodega.com

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