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Truly horrible service: Restaurant Alte Galerie @ Schloss Hohenkammer (22. November 2018)

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The dinner started promising with some “bread served with hummus, herb butter and obazda” which was better than expected. But then the problems already started. Our table had ordered some water which somehow never arrived (respectively only after we’ve asked again). Then, the table next to us got plates for the bread. We didn’t.

As a starter I went for the “home-made salmon on roesti with wild herb salad and a honey mustard dressing” (EUR 11.50) which was eatable but not more. I mean, the salmon was greasy and the dish overall was just mediocre.

But then the highlight started. While it took kind of ages for them to serve the starter, they really managed to serve the main at the same time! Literally at the same time! I am not sure what a chef thinks or a waiter but definitely not much here. I mean, what are you supposed to do with basically two dishes at the same time. Seriously, this is ridiculous! And it’s a seminar hotel. So you would expect that they manage to serve in a timely manner and not first nothing and then everything at once.

At least the “back of venison with butter spaetzle and blue cabbage” (EUR 24.50) was very good. The spaetzle were very smooth and the venison was actually rich in flavour! Surprisingly so after all the previous not so pleasant elements.

The place itself is – frankly – nothing special from the inside but outside and with the park area, it is actually quite appealing and definitely worth visiting!

The restaurant itself is definitely not a place I will ever return to! After all, they just didn’t manage to get anything done in a proper fashion! So, thanks, but no thanks!


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Restaurant Alte Galerie @ Schloss Hohenkammer

Schloßstraße 25

85411 Hohenkammer (DE)

Tel.: +49 81 37 93 40

Fax: +49 81 37 93 43 90

E-Mail: mail@schlosshohenkammer.de

Homepage: http://www.schlosshohenkammer.de/Gastronomie

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