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The place would be perfect if there wasn’t glass in my dessert: Restaurant La Cantina di Manuela (24. November 2018)

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The evening started so well with “tortelli’s pasta stuffed with pumpkins on blue cheese cream and chestnuts” (EUR 12.00) which was absolutely mouth-watering. The stuffing was rich, full of flavour, and just absolutely perfect! The pasta was perfectly al dente and just made you happy.

The journey continued the same way when I was enjoying the “tartare of Fassona’s beef cut to the knife with dried tomatoes, caper cream, anchovies, mustard in grains, Worcester sauce and extra virgin olive oil” (EUR 12.00). The meat was tender and perfectly cut. The large grains of salt on top were perfect to be added to every single bite making it a truly lovely tartare experience.

Usually, I don’t go for dessert and I should have just stuck to this rule. The “creamy white chocolate on hazelnut’s crumble” (EUR 6.00) was super dense but given it was white chocolate, I liked it quite a bit anyways. The unpleasant part was when I bit on something which kind of crumbled but not in a way a hazelnut crumble crumbled but differently.

At first, I thought it was a stone but luckily my teeth were still fine. So, I started searching what it was and it turned out to be a piece of glass. And quite a sharp one. Obviously I complained with the waiter which sent the chef who apologized a lot! And gave me a bottle of champagne as a present. Accidents happen, of course. And the champagne bottle is a nice gesture. But frankly, it’s an absolute no go that there is glass in your dessert!

What if a small kid would have eaten this? What if you just swallow the glass and it cuts your insides?

Besides the incident, I must admit though, the experience was very pleasant. The waiter did a marvelous job and the place is generally very atmospheric. The prices are decent which is also true for the wine, i.e. a bottle of “Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso, 2014, Selun” accounts for EUR 34.00, a bottle of water for EUR 2.00 and a double espresso for EUR 3.00.

If it wasn’t for that incident, I’d say, a perfect place. Given the glass thing happened, unfortunately, I cannot say that.


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Restaurant La Cantina di Manuela

Via Poerio Carlo 3

20129 Milano (IT)

Tel.: +39 02 76 31 88 92

E-Mail: info@lacantinadimanuela.it

Homepage: http://www.lacantinadimanuela.it

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