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Exquisite service and bizarre ice cream: Restaurant Bock Bisztró (16. December 2018)

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The Bock Bisztró is a place I found thanks to the Guide Michelin app – and while it looks rather simple as a place, I can definitely recommend you to pay the place a visit. I went for the “traditional bison goulash soup” (1’850 HUF) which was rich, slightly spicy and would just provide you with a feeling of stuffed happiness. Simple yet lovely!

I tried something new again today – this time as a main dish. It was basically a “mufflon filet on a soaked toast served with carrots and cottage cheese balls” (4’950 HUF) and I must say, it was a bit intense and had kind of a lamb taste but besides that, it was absolutely delicious. Just lacked a bit of salt but once that was applied, delicious! The soup which was served with it, wasn’t too bad either.

I decided to have a side with the mufflon given it didn’t really serve any, so I went for the “baked paprika salad with herbed sour cream” (900 HUF) which was okay but definitely nothing amazing. Would not order it again.

What was truly inspiring and confusing at the same time was the “bizarre ice cream selection (sausage, tobacco, caprese)” (1’700 HUF). I mean, I have had a couple of different ice creams in my life and some of them also had weird flavours but this was among the top. The sausage flavour was chorizo and was at first super disturbing but with every bite it became a bit better. The second was the tobacco one which tasted largely like vanilla (luckily) so it was absolutely eatable. The caprese was actually not that bad but it was super frozen so a bit too cold – even if you do not have sensitive teeth.

The service was super friendly and helpful at all times, just how it should be! All in all, the Bock Bisztró is definitely worth a visit! Lovely people, simple but comfortable atmosphere, and delicious dishes for a fair price! Booking in advance recommended!


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Restaurant Bock Bisztró

Erzsébet krt. 43-49

1073 Ungarn (HU)

Tel.: +36 1 321 0340

E-Mail: info@bockbisztro.hu

Homepage: http://www.bockbisztropest.hu

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