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Unfriendly service and mediocre cooking: Restaurant Caputo’s (20. March 2019)

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The Restaurant Caputo’s was recommended to me and I had high hopes but I must say I was a bit disappointed. At first, things looked great as the restaurant took the reservation without any issue and already pointed out that if we arrive at 8:30pm, we would only have warm kitchen until 10:00pm. At this point in time, I thought that this was just the owner being nice and transparent about how things are. Turns out, it’s different.

When we arrived (just two of us instead of the three of us at first), the waiter was already pointing out that in 90 minutes we would not be able to order anymore. Okay, thanks for telling us but frankly, 90 minutes is more than enough to place an order. In any case, I went for the “Antipasto Misto (grilled vegetables, olives, mozzarella with dried cherry tomatoes, vitello tonato, shrimp cocktail, melon with parma ham and mild smoked salmon)” (EUR 12.90) which was overall fine. The quality wasn’t overwhelming but it was decent.

As a main, I went for the “beef fillet steak with root vegetables and potato cake” (EUR 24.80) – or at least that was the original menu. I had asked if it was possible to get some pasta instead and not the potato cake. I was told that this was not possible that they’d serve pasta on the side. Then I asked if it was possible to have risotto on the side instead and was openly judged that one combines risotto with beef. Besides the fact that I believe that the client is kind of determining what he likes and what he doesn’t like, I do not see how making some pasta instead of a potato cake is more effort. And even risotto is more difficult to make than pasta.

In any case, this would all have been not so bad if they would have – at least – served the meat as ordered but the “medium-rare” was rather “done”. Frankly, given they were not really being helpful and it was already 5 to 10, I didn’t complain. But if you give me all this shit about how not to combine things then at least do your job and serve the meat as requested. Or: don’t make a fuss about it. To sum it up – not recommended!


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Restaurant Caputo’s

Königsstraße 59

48143 Münster (DE)

Tel.: +49 251 982 99 55

E-Mail: info@caputos.de

Homepage: https://www.caputos.de

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