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As average as always: Restaurant Seerose (10. July 2019)

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Doesn’t matter when I visit the Seerose in Zurich (and the last visit was in December 2016), it is always kind of the same. The place is amazing as the view onto Lake Zurich is stunning, the atmosphere is nice, the food is decent but overpriced and ultimately, the service isn’t up to the task as there are too many tables for too few people! As a starter, I ordered the “avocado with shrimps” (CHF 17.80) which was actually better than expected as the gooey consistency of the avocado in combination with the shrimps made a good dish.

On the other hand, the “beef tenderloin (Ireland) Seerose gratinated with herb butter and match fries” (CHF 58.80) was not that amazing. The meat was prepared medium and not really medium-rare as requested and because it was quite a few of us who had ordered the beef, it was served in a large pan so you would not be sure which part of the meat you would get and ultimately, you could also get what you didn’t want. But more importantly, the meat itself was lacking flavor. Like, it didn’t have a taste! The sauce was delicious, but I also want to taste the meat when paying that amount for a bit of meat.

The “garden vegetables” (CHF 7.50) were somewhat bland in terms of flavor – but with a good portion of salt and slightly dipped into the Café de Paris, that was absolutely fine.

As initially mentioned, the view is stunning and so worth enjoying! On the other hand, our waitress – while absolutely friendly and very concerned – just wasn’t able to handle the requests and the workload in general. So, all in all, the Seerose still is a decent place to enjoy dinner (make sure to book in advance) but the price performance ratio is off.


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Restaurant Seerose

Seestrasse 493

8038 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 481 63 83

E-Mail: seerose@dinning.ch

Homepage: http://seerose.dinning.ch

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