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Not as good as it is ranked on TripAdvisor: Restaurant L’Angélus (2. August 2019)

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The L’Angélus was rated one of the best restaurants in Montpellier on TripAdvisor and I must say that I do not entirely share that rating. It is key to book in advance as the place is rather crowded and you won’t stand a chance to get a table outside in the patio if you don’t book in advance. But, the interior of the place is also rather lovely.

However, given I had booked in advance, we were lucky enough to get a table sitting outside in the patio and went for the “menu combination (starter + main + dessert)” (EUR 29.90) which is quite a bargain. I went for the “tuna caught in gravlax with beet juice, ravioles of beetroot garnished with fresh cheese” (usually EUR 11.00) which looked nice but was a bit disappointing in terms of taste as the dish was rather basic and average.

The “fresh seabass filet, grilled, and its risotto with asparagus, taragon emulsion” (usually, EUR 21.00)  sounded very promising and I was looking forward to the risotto but unfortunately they had run out of it. And offered polenta instead. Now, I must say that it was definitely okay but all in all just a very average dish.

The “cheese: Saint Marcellin PGI (40gr) with raw cow’s milk, served with a reduction of honey and ginger, Espelette pepper and herbs of Provence” (usually, EUR 9.00) was quite a portion and intense in flavor. Luckily, we had decided to share it as else the portion would definitely have been too big to enjoy!

The view was nice if you looked up into the sky, but once it got a bit darker, there was some light missing outside and it got rather dark.

While I liked the place in terms of atmosphere, I was disappointed by the service. They were admittedly friendly, but they were also rather slow. You really had to be super patient for getting the menu, being able to place your order, and then to get the bill. Frankly, that is something I will never understand!


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Restaurant L’Angélus

Rue de l’Ancien Courrier 3

34000 Montpellier (F)

Tel.: +33 4 99 63 41 65

Homepage: http://restaurant-angelus.fr

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