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Trying out a nice 2 Michelin star restaurant before it closes end of year: Restaurant Lampart’s (24. August 2019)

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Since I had recently read that the Lampart’s will close end of year, it became a goal to pay the Lampart’s a visit. What I experienced upfront was friendliness as my original request was a bit tricky, yet, they were able to accommodate the request easily.

Once you then arrive there, you are greeted by a nice little house with a cozy and lovely atmosphere. After having placed your order, you are served some “bread sticks” to nibble on while you wait for the first amuse bouche to be served.

The first amuse bouche was a combination of cabbage and salmon and was pleasant to start the evening with.

We decided to try out the “Sinfonie ‘plaisir'” (CHF 195.00) which is the full-fledged menu. It started with “Balfegó tuna from Tarragona, Bloody Mary Style, bread from Sardegna” (usually CHF 52.00) which was interesting in terms of texture and flavor combination.

The “duck from the St. Ottillia Grimmenstein convent in Waizenhausen, Jaipurcurry, sugar pea, eggplant, cashew nut” (usually CHF 48.00) looked at first a bit disappointing regarding the size of the dish (yet optically appealing) …

… but after you had taken off the lid and discovered the ‘second part’ of the dish, you would be more prone to try. The slices of smoked duck were good but the combination of cashew nut and eggplants which were a nice combination of smoothness and the crunchy element of the nuts, was just delicious.

I liked the “langoustine from South Africa, tongue from the limousin veal, chive” (usually CHF 52.00) a lot. But frankly, when it comes to price, I think it is all a bit on the more expensive side of things. And the piece of langoustine could have been a bit larger in order to satisfy the palate.

The “short ribs from the Black Angus beef from Ennetbürgen with Piment d’Espelette and rosemary, roast onion jus, beetroot, corn” (usually CHF 82.00) was exquisite. The meat was perfectly cooked as you wish it to be – a nice crust on the outside but red on the inside and with such a flavor that it would just create happiness in your mouth.

Last but not least, it was time for the “cheese wagon (selection from maître Antony and J.-L. Hadey)” and there, I must admit, I was a bit disappointed. There is a decent selection, no question. But somehow I was not seeing the passion for cheese – there was not really any advisory taking place …

… but the selection was ultimately generous and enjoyable. What was not so amazing was the fact that they had run out of chutney to serve and it took them like 10 minutes to get ‘new’ chutney which also meant that a part of the plate had already been eaten (although I had been waiting for the dessert of the others to be served).

To finish off the evening, a nice – and described – selection of chocolates was presented which were all rather enjoyable.

Now, what I really liked was the atmosphere …

… as it is traditional yet modern …

… and decorated with a lot of attention to detail …

… and the dining hall on the upper level really uses the space wisely …

… making sure that enough people have space to eat but keep the privacy.

Also the outside is lovely …

… especially at dawn.

If you come early enough, you can enjoy a drink outside – when we had arrived it was already full so we went inside straight away. The service is generally good and professional, however, they are not entirely up to their task when it comes to e.g. refilling your water glass. I do not mind if you do not place the bottle of water on the table but then you should make sure that the water glass does not stay empty for 5 to 10 minutes.

All in all, the Lampart’s is worth trying – it is a lovely place with good food for a decent price and service which knows what to do. The wine pairing looked interesting but given I was the designated driver, we only went for a bottel of “Barolo, Pio Cesare, 2012” (CHF 120.00). If you want to try the Lampart’s, you should book now.


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Restaurant Lampart’s

Oltnerstrasse 19

4614 Hägendorf (CH)

Tel.: +41 62 209 70 60

E-Mail: info@lamparts.ch

Homepage: http://www.lamparts.ch

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