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Amazing party location Mykonos style: Restaurant La Guérite (7. September 2019)

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Talking about a really nice and lasting experience while in Cannes, you should pay the La Guérite a visit! The La Guérite is located on the little island right in front of Cannes called “La Marguerite” and you can only get there if you book in advance and use the restaurants boat shuttle service.

We decided to have a bunch of different foods to enjoy and share and went for the “burrata with cherry tomatoes and olive oil” (EUR 24.00) which was tasty all in all. The burrata was good (yet I have had better in Italy) and the cherry tomatoes were relatively aromatic.

The “grilled small octopus & olive oil” (EUR 24.00) was better than I had expected as octopus is often chewy but this one was actually absolutely delicious in terms of flavor, spiciness, and ultimately texture.

The “fried octopi” on the other hand were nothing more but fried batter – admittedly with tasty dip – but in terms of ‘octopi’, there wasn’t much around.

The “hummus” (EUR 16.00) was a bit of a disappointment as it was basically a very thin layer of it on a plate. Definitely not how you expect hummus to be to be able to dip your pita bread in it. At least taste-wise it was good.

The main course was incredibly big. While it does not look big in the picture, it was tremendous! The “moules ‘recette secrète guérite'” (EUR 34.00) was big in terms of portion but was also big in terms of flavor.

Ultimately, the selection of sweets to share was also great. It looked like it was just all very sweet and a lot of it was but all the desserts were actually delicious. For the fact that it is a huge place and the main goal is to enjoy yourself and party, the food was actually surprisingly exquisite. Admittedly, also on the pricier side but I suppose with the whole boat transport and the like it’s kind of justified.

The place itself is an absolutely dream location. It feels like being on a Greek island and partying all the time! Loved it!

And even the service was attentive and rather swift in providing what you wanted – and that despite the fact that there are many people around who want their food and drinks right away.


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Restaurant La Guérite

Île Sainte-Marguerite

06400 Cannes (F)

Tel.: +33 4 93 43 49 30

E-Mail: cannes@restaurantlaguerite.com

Homepage: http://www.restaurantlaguerite.com

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