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Great dishes but absolutely weak service: Restaurant La Môme (7. September 2019)

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After an excessive day on La Guerite it turned out to be rather difficult to motivate the whole group to go for dinner. We had booked a table at 10:30pm and ultimately ended up getting a table at around 11:30pm. Frankly, I get the French laissez-faire lifestyle but waiting more than an hour for your table for 10 people you have pre-booked is an offense! Seriously! Just a no go! And the fact that the ‘manager’ did not even provide some kind of compensation in at least the form of a coffee or the like is just unacceptable.

Once we were seated and ultimately received our dishes, things turned a bit better as the dishes were actually incredibly tasty. Maybe part of this incredible tastiness is also to be attributed to the fact that the day was a day full of dray drinking but it was ultimately good.

The “burrata with truffle, seasonal tomato, pesto and balsamic sauce” (EUR 21.00) was delicious but the tomatoes were not really ripe which diminished the quality of the dish.

I ended up trying the “linguine homard entier et bisque creme” (EUR 58.00) as the person who had originally ordered it had left after the starters (due to exhaustion) and I must admit that it was actually absolutely amazing in terms of flavor but paying EUR 58.00 for such a dish seems off. Because this is far away from an “entire lobster” in terms of amount of lobster on that plate.

I had decided to try the “seabass as the catch of the day” (100 gr for 10.00 EUR) and while it looked weak, it was actually absolutely delicious. So, if you decide to eat at La Môme, you should definitely order the catch of the day and a decent selection of starters. Just be aware of the fact that everything is on the pricier side and make sure that your table is available.

All in all, the La Môme is a nice place in terms of atmosphere and interior design. The service is – once you actually manage to be seated – also rather attentive and swift. Luckily. Ultimately we ended up leaving the place at 1:30am which is just somehow a no go in terms of timing for a dinner.


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Restaurant La Môme

6 Rue Florian

06400 Cannes (F)

Tel.: +33 4 93 38 60 95

E-Mail: plage@lamomecannes.com

Homepage: http://www.lamomecannes.com

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