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Delicious US flank steak in a nice setting: Restaurant Panther Grill & Bar (20. September 2019)

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The evening started with a lovely “amuse bouche” which would tickle your palate and make sure you would be enjoy to the fullest.

I started with the “grilled tomato soup (koriander, chorizo, lime)” (EUR 8.00) which sounded super weird when I first read it as I lacked imagination how a soup can be grilled but it was more a soup prepared with grilled tomatoes. And it was incredibly tasty! I was blown away!

In between they served a little sorbet to clean your palate which worked perfectly.

To prepare me for the “US Smokey flank steak (350gr)” (EUR 55.00) served with …

… “French fries and Panther’s Steakhouse Butter”. The flank steak was amazing as it was a good meat quality and tremendous in terms of flavor! The French fries on the other hand did not live up to my expectations as they were a bit stroppy.

All in all, the Panther’s Grill & Bar is a nice place where you get great meat in a nice environment but it is admittedly a bit loud to talk – so if you want to talk, I’d recommend you to pick a more quiet place. In case you’re interested in tasty meat, the Panther’s is definitely a can do as the service is rather attentive and makes sure you get what you want/ ordered within no time.


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Restaurant Panther Grill & Bar

Franz-Joseph-Straße 45

80801 München (DE)

Tel.: +49 89 27 37 27 50

Cell: +49 172 958 88 82

E-Mail: info@panther-grill.de

Homepage: http://www.panther-grill.de

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