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Good dishes but incompetent service staff: Restaurant MASI Wine Bar (12. December 2019)

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While the dishes at the MASI wine bar are definitely good, even enjoyable, the service is really not up to the task! Admittedly, the place was rather full when we arrived and we got what seemed to be the last available table with high chairs. Now, not an easy setting but also not impossible to serve your customers (else, maybe have less tables!). After we had finally all received the menu and have been able to place our order, the waiting began. To open a bottle of “Costasera, Masi, Amarone, 2013” (CHF 89.00) it took them a solid 20 minutes. Not to speak about the water or anything for that matter.

And the way things were put into place. Okay, let me first give each of you a fork. And that I shall do in the most inefficient way possible. Let me try the same with the knives. And ultimately, let me try the same again with the napkins. So, after maybe 10 minutes everybody kind of had what they needed. But only kind of. As the guys who had ordered a soup got forks too. Very practical indeed to eat your soup with a fork!

Finally, it was time for the starter to arrive which was a “Mozzarella di Bufala (tomatoes, basil)” (CHF 18.00). It looked amazing. And it tasted good. But the waiter wouldn’t care to maybe provide you with olive oil and balsamico. So, you would ultimately have to get up yourself and get the necessary elements for your food. Not really what I call great service.

My main course was a “risotto all’amarone con formaggio monte veronese” (CHF 29.00) which was okay. The portion is rather small for the large portion but sufficient if you’ve had a starter. It was cooked to perfection in terms of consistency of the rice. However, the taste of the alcohol in the Amarone was too intense for my gusto.

So, all in all, not such a big fan of MASI wine bar for dinner. They have their lunch game on point – they aren’t even close to that performance when it comes to dinner!


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Restaurant MASI Wine Bar

Seefeldstrasse 5

8008 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 252 52 12

Homepage: http://www.masiwinebar.ch/zuerich

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