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Great cheese fondue in a lovely atmosphere: Fondue-Chalet @ Weihnachtsdorf Bellevue (15. December 2019)

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The Fondue-Chalet in the Weihnachtsdorf Bellevue is actually quite lovely and much more than what they offer at the Illuminarium at the Landesmuseum. The place works well in terms of organisation and within a few minutes, you’re seated. The good thing is that the tables aren’t that full as they are in the Illuminarium so you have some space. The interior isn’t as tiny and isn’t as hot around so basically, it is really comfortable.

We had to wait quite a bit though for the waitress to take up our order – but once that was done, things happened fast! The “Bündner Apéro Plättli” (CHF 22.00) was served within a few minutes with bread and so were the wine, tea, and water. Finally, it was ‘fondue time’! We went for a “Moitié-Moitié Fondue” (CHF 58.00 for two people) and a “Bündner Bergkäse-Fondue” (CHF 58.00 for two people). I must say, I liked both of them quite a lot but the Bündner Bergkäse Fondue was definitely better than the Moitié-Moitié!

What I think is a bit off, is the fact that you pay an additional CHF 5.00 for pickled vegetables and CHF 7.00 for seven potatoes. I get it that you have to make money somehow but frankly speaking, CHF 1.00 per boiled potato seems a bit off. However, all in all, I can definitely recommend you to enjoy a good fondue at the Fondue-Chalet in the Weihnachtsdorf Bellevue. Booking a table in advance is something I would highly recommend as you probably won’t stand a chance to get a table on short notice!


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Fondue-Chalet @ Weihnachtsdorf Bellevue

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