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A true institution in Zurich with the traditional twist you’ll love: Restaurant Kronenhalle (21. December 2019)

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It’s approximately 5 years ago since I’ve last been to the Kronenhalle and it remains a great restaurant with a lot of history. Of course, it is a bit heavy in terms of prices and it is very traditional in terms of interior design, decoration, and the way the waiters are dressed. But everything works perfectly, from the quality of the dishes to the interior design and the quality of the waiters. I went for the “Aocado à la vinaigrette” (CHF 16.00) as a starter which is something I haven’t had like that previously. The dish is relatively simple but absolutely great in terms of flavor.

The Kronenhalle has one signature dish, which is basically “Kalbsgeschnetzeltes” or “sliced veal ‘Kronenhalle style’ with roesti” (CHF 58.00) which seems like a bit of a rip-off in terms of price when you get your first plate served. However, the quality is outstanding. The food is amazing, respectively the veal slices are just perfect. The mushroom sauce in which the meat and the roesti are served in is marvelous and all in all it just makes for a perfect meal. And the fact that you actually get a second full plate after you’ve finished the first one puts everything quite into perspective when it comes to the pricing too.

The ‘roesti’ when plated in front of you looks absolutely amazingly perfect and it actually is. So, if you haven’t been to Kronenhalle for lunch, you should definitely do so plus make sure that you get the ‘Kalbsgeschnetzeltes’. It’s worth it.

The interior of the Kronenhalle is amazing for various reasons. It is very traditional and you feel that it is like it should be in a restaurant of the 1950s. Secondly, you have quite some space between the tables so you have a relatively high level of privacy for a restaurant. Thirdly, the decoration consists of original high class paintings. Something you don’t find often in restaurants anymore.

While the Kronenhalle is expensive for lunch, I think it’s fair to say that it is worth the price. You pay a premium for everything – the interior, the exquisite service, the quality of the food. Just everything. Still, it is worth it! And a bottle of “Ojo de Agua, Cuvée” (CHF 66.50) is also affordable in terms of how much they charge you for it.


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Restaurant Kronenhalle

Rämistrasse 4

8001 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 262 99 00

E-Mail: info@kronenhalle.com

Homepage: http://www.kronenhalle.ch

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