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Eat like the locals do – a truly local tapas experience: Restaurant La Farola De Orellana (23. December 2019)

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When I was at the KGB, I saw the La Farola de Orellana through the window where I was seated. And the place was super full and it looked like a lot of locals would go there (and not too many tourists). Therefore, it was time to enjoy dinner here. I took a wide selection of different dishes like the “Tapa Caracoles” (EUR 3.00) which is basically snails and while I like the snails you get served in France specifically due to the intense and tasty garlic sauce, this part is entirely missing here. There is some kind of sauce but it is not even closely as strong and intense as the French version. Therefore, you have to like snails to enjoy this.

The “Tapa Champiñones” (EUR 3.50) was basically mushrooms with some batter on top and they were enjoyable.

The “Tapa Croquetas” (EUR 2.50) was a bit weak on the other hand. The croquetas aren’t really crispy so the typical “crunchy bite element” is missing which somehow made the croqueta experience here not too enjoyable.

The “1/2 Pimientos de Padrón” (EUR 5.00) were good as pimientos de padrón always are. Not that much salt to be honest but they were great, definitely recommended.

Te “albondigon” (EUR 4.50) and the “tapa carrillada” (EUR 3.50) were meat balls which were okay but not that amazing and rabbit which was lovely.

The “1/2 Gambas Pil Pil” (EUR 7.00) were great again. You can see that they are prepared in a way which has been like that for years. They are well cooked and the intensity of the garlic drenched oil is lovely. Also worth trying!

What I liked most about the restaurant is the place itself. It is small, crammed, the food is just served in large pots on the bar, and it is very vivid. There is basically one waitress running the show and she is doing that literally non-stop! It’s impressive how she can be at all places at once and remain (relatively) friendly and you will not have to wait very long for what you’ve orderd!

So, if you want to experience truly local tapas culture in Málaga, the La Farola de Orellana is the place to go!


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Restaurant La Farola De Orellana

Calle Moreno Monroy 5

29015 Málaga (E)

Tel.: +34 951 13 19 30

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