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Absolutely lovely local experience: Restaurant El Rinconcillo (3. January 2020)

| February 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

Somehow, the El Rinconcillo is an institution in Sevilla – wherever you check for restaurant recommendations, the El Rinconcillo pops up. Now, if you go before 7pm, you’ll just get food at the counter and will have to ‘stand around’ to eat your food and drink your glass of wine. Therefore, I would recommend you to go around 7pm and maybe even book a table in advance as the chance that you won’t get a place is rather big as the place was super crowded.

I went for the “croquetas caseras” (EUR 2.30) as a starter which were absolutely okay but for from exceptional.

The “Ensaladilla” (EUR 2.30) was basically a potato seafood salad – and not bad but quite heavy. And that portion is the small one. I don’t even want to think how big the big one is!

What is truly impressive about the place is the fact that when you order something at the counter, the waiter just basically yells the order towards the kitchen, assuming somebody will pick it up and prepare the dish. Now, it turns out that this doesn’t always work. The two dishes shown above didn’t make the cut – so only once I went back and asked again where they were, they had arrived.

The “Tortilla con Jamón” (EUR 5.50) made it and basically within a few minutes I had an omelet on the table. I know, it’s supposed to be a tortilla but I didn’t find any potato or other ingredients which were not ham or egg. In any case, my ‘tortilla’ was absolutely great.

Now, what is impressive about the El Rinconcillo is the atmosphere and the location! I mean, the place is supposedly up and running since 1670 and it somehow still looks as if it was actually that old and hasn’t changed a bit.

All in all, the El Rinconcillo is worth a visit. For me, personally, not so much because of the food (it was good but not outstanding) but much more because of the whole authentic Spanish atmosphere!


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Restaurant El Rinconcillo

Calle Gerona 40

41003 Sevilla (E)

Tel.: +34 954 22 31 83

E-Mail: info@elrinconcillo.es

Homepage: http://www.elrinconcillo.es

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