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Once again confirmed – vegan food isn’t really a thing for me: Restaurant Gratitude Eatery (15. February 2020)

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I think I have an allergic reaction to vegan food in general – whenever I eat vegan, I get unimaginable stomach issues. In any case, the Gratitude Eatery is a vegan place and it was time to give vegan another try. I decided to try quite a few things, so we went for the “three course menu” (EUR 32.00) with the “wine pairing” (EUR 13.00) and the starters we picked were “hummus. falafel. red cabbage. bread” (usually, EUR 8.00), “okra. tempura. kimchi. cilantro. mayonnaise. togarashi” (usually, EUR 9.00) and “kimpur carrots. wakame. sesame” (usually, EUR 9.00). Frankly, I was super positively surprised as all the dishes were actually absolutely delicious and definitely beyond ‘normal enjoyable’ and the portions were also decent.

As a main, I went for “salsify. Jerusalem artichoke. beet root purree. rocket salad. pea mint purree” (usually, EUR 16.00) which was generally delicious. The salsify was incredibly aromatic and absolutely amazing. The Jerusalem artichoke, which I usually absolutely love in terms of flavor and consistency, was burned a bit at the edges which really took off quite a massive part of the pleasantness of the dish. A real pity, in my humble opinion, as else the dish would have been near to perfect! But burning the food is a no-go!

The place is too hip for my taste. The tables are super tiny, you can barely fit your food, and they are also way too close to each other so you really almost touch your neighbouring table which – at least to me – is uncomfortable. The prices are decent and the food is good – and the service is friendly but way too slow. Maybe they should think about hiring a fourth waiter for like 30-40 guests. Just as a thought. In any case, the Gratitude Eatery was good but not a place I’ll visit again.


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Restaurant Gratitude Eatery

Türkenstraße 55

80799 Munich (DE)

Tel.: +49 89 88 98 21 74

Homepage: http://www.gratitude-eatery.net

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