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A delicious but very expensive experience – Kobe beef in Kobe: Restaurant Mouriya Honten (13. March 2020)

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If you go to Kobe, you definitely have to try the Kobe Beef, so it was time to do exactly that shortly after the arrival in the city. The Mouriya Honten is a place famous for its Kobe beef and offers a good selection of meat. It was time to try “Kobe Beef Fillet (130gr, A5)” (16’800 Yen) and “Kobe Beef Rump (150gr)” (7’500 Yen). You can say what you want but CHF 250.00 for 280gr of meat is just damn expensive (not judging flavor and the like yet). So, if you are into trying something new be aware that the whole thing comes at a cost.

The menu starts with a “potato soup” which was honestly enjoyable as it had a certain thickness to it which I had not expected.

Secondly, a small salad was served which was nice to get your palate ready.

The “rice and pickled vegetables” are a good add to the meat which is prepared in front of your eyes.

In order to not ruin the meat, you’re given a little tabloid which explains how to eat it and how to not spoil the meat with seasoning.

You get dried garlic, salt, pepper, and wasabi. In my personal opinion, a tiny bit of salt with the meat is the best combination. Just make sure that you dip your chopstick in the salt and then grab the meat and that you do not dip your meat in the salt as then there will be too much salt which will spoil the taste of the meat.

As mentioned, the Kobe beef (in this case rump) is prepared in front of you and you can see that these Kobe grill masters are highly skilled and know what they do.

The “Kobe beef rump serving” did not only look very pretty but it was also perfectly medium-rare as requested which made the whole experience even more pleasant. When I tried the Kobe beef rump I must say it was absolutely delicious. And with a hint of salt even more so. I get why you pay what you pay as it is buttery, smooth, and rich in flavor.

The second round of “Kobe beef rump” was with vegetables which were also prepared on the grill plate.

Then it was time to try the “Kobe beef fillet” and it was one of the most tender and buttery pieces of meat I’ve had in my entire life. It really melts away in your mouth and it feels like pure joy when the meat dissembles in your mouth. It is a tasty experience but also a pricey one. I am happy I’ve tried it but I’m also quite sure I will not try it so soon again.

All in all, the experience at the Mouriya Honten was a truly pleasant one as the place is small, simple, but the staff is super friendly and attentive making sure you have everything you want and need at all times. The grill master who was responsible for preparing the meat did a great job, was friendly, and gave hints when something was done wrongly. So, when you are in Kobe, you should definitely try Kobe beef but you have to be aware that it is a pricey experience which lasts for about 30-45 minutes only.


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Restaurant Mouriya Honten

Shimoyamatedori, 2 Chome−1−17 モーリヤビル

Hyogo, Chuo Ward

〒650-0011 Kobe (JP)

Tel.: +81 78 391 46 03

Homepage: http://www.mouriya.co.jp

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