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Truly amazing local food – Okonomiyaki is a must try: Restaurant Okonomiyaki Nagata-ya (14. March 2020)

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Hiroshima is an impressive city and you should definitely visit the Peace Memorial Park and the A Bomb Dome which both of kind you make you melancholic and give you an impression of what the Atomic bomb actually did. A remote one, a weak one, but at least a better one than when you just read about it. Once you’ve done that and wondered the city, you should try their signature dish (you’ll find many places serving it in Hiroshima) which is called Okonomiyaki which is kind of a all in one thing prepared on a grill.

To start though, I went for “Edamame” (330 Yen) which were okay and – interestingly enough – served cold. I guess the ‘hot edamame’ in Europe is something which is just tailored to the palate of Europeans.

It’s not that you prepare your Okonomiyaki with all the ingredients yourself but they actually prepare it for you at a central station …

… and then it’s served in front of you on your table which consists to about 75% out of a grill area where the Okonomiyaki is placed and then eaten.

However, eating that thing isn’t entirely intuitive so you also get instructions in the menu which show you how you eat your Okonomiyaki.

I went for the “Okonomiyaki Garlic (pork, egg, garlic chips, kimchi, green onion, soba)” (1’280 Yen) which looked interesting and I had no idea what I would have to expect in terms of flavor and consistency. And I must say, I loved it! It is a very flavor-intense dish which is super tasty. Do not forget to pour all the different sauces which are on your table over the Okonomiyaki as that is apparently how you do it (checked the locals out when they ate their Okonomiyaki).

The place is simple, crowded and people were queuing to eat there. So, it is best if you either book in advance or come early (around 5pm) to avoid waiting in line (for quite some time).

However, I’d say it’s worth the wait as the food is super tasty – you should try an Okonomiyaki when you are in Hiroshima!


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Restaurant Okonomiyaki Nagata-ya

Shigeishi Bldg 1F, 1-7-19

Otemachi, Naka-ku

〒730-0051 Hiroshima (JP)

Tel:+81 82 247 07 87

Homepage: http://www.nagataya-okonomi.com

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