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Lovely view onto the harbour with typical Dutch dishes: Restaurant Loetje aan ‘t IJ (5. July 2020)

| July 11, 2020 | 0 Comments

Frankly, the Loetje aan ‘t IJ is not a place you randomly come across as a tourist when you’re in Amsterdam but with the help of some local guidance, it is a place you should definitely put on your agenda. I mean, the food is good, more about that in a second, but what is really great is the view – you’re on the other side of Amsterdam, located at the harbour and, if the sun is shining as it was that day, you can definitely enjoy it a lot.

As a starter, I went for their very typical dish, “bitterballen” (EUR 6.00) which was, as always, lovely, yet amazing!

The “beef tenderloin ‘Bali’ with Loetje’s sambal gravy” (300gr, EUR 29.95) is apparently their signature dish and I get, to some degree, why. The meat was good (but not overwhelming) in quality and the fact that they had not asked how I wanted it cooked, annoyed me a bit. However, what really makes the difference here is the sauce. It is a very oily, spicy sauce. But it is also a very enjoyable sauce!

The “fries” (EUR 3.95) which I ordered as a side were good and not even remotely as oily as the sauce. Which I like in fries. Frankly, they could easily have served another sauce but mayonnaise only for the fries. At least in my personal opinion.

As nice as the view is, the place is super simple, and the service is not entirely up to its task as they take quite a while to prepare everything and for the simplest tasks, they need way too much time. A glass of red took them 15 minutes – and only after I had re-asked for it. If you want to order another round of drinks or the like, you have to actively screen the waiters and waitresses and basically wave at them for attention. To be fair, there was one waitress who was super friendly and also relatively attentive. The rest is friendly, but not attentive at all. Given the current situation, you’re well-advised to book your table in advance, and, ideally, ask for a window seat.


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Restaurant Loetje aan ‘t IJ

Werfkade 14

1033 RA Amsterdam (NL)

Tel.: +31 20 208 8000

E-Mail: directantwoord@loetje.nl

Homepage: https://aantij.loetje.nl

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