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Perfect mix of modern and traditional dishes: Osteria La Libera (23. October 2020)

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The Osteria La Libera is an upper-class Osteria and more like a typical restaurant as the interior design is modern and appealing and doesn’t have any traditional elements of a classical osteria. That doesn’t make it any more less appealing though. You have to book in advance as else you will not stand a chance to score a table during truffle season. Once you’re seated down, you are served some bread and grissini which are both, especially the ciabatta, truly enjoyable.

As an amuse bouche, they served a little “tatar on bread” which was perfect to open up the taste buds.

Since I didn’t have a starter but only went for a primo piatto and a secondo piatto, I was given a “small Russian salad” so I wouldn’t have to sit in front of an empty plate and would have something to nibble on. And I must say that this was actually something I truly appreciated. They were taking notice and paying attention on what people ordered and that I didn’t have a starter. Big plus!

The “Agnolotti del “plin” with mountain butter and white Alba truffle” (EUR 35.00) …

… were truly outstanding. It was like biting into a piece of heaven – the taste was just so flavorsome it would almost make you cry. The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente, the butter was applied lusciously and the generous portion of truffle really made it an exquisite primo piatto.

When I ordered the “traditional la Finanziera” (EUR 20.00) I had absolutely no clue what to expect since it didn’t say more than ‘la Finanziera’. Turns out it was basically a combination of intestines (brain, liver, kidney, etc.) so I was a bit surprised but it turned out to be delicious. The flavors were intense but the dish was also mouth-watering! Usually, the consistency of such body parts is rather chewy or somehow stringy – but it wasn’t like that at all. Smooth, delicious, just toothsome.

Although the Agnolotti were heavenly, the highlight for me was the “home-made vanilla ice cream with white Alba truffle” (EUR 15.00) …

… as it was applied incredibly generously …

… and I would never have imagined to combine ice cream with truffle. But it turned out to be incredibly delicious. The combination of the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream with the sugary pieces and the intense truffle flavor was just finger-licking good.

The place is lovely and truly comfortable – and the service does everything to make sure you are enjoying your dinner. They are making sure your glasses are refilled, that you don’t sit in front of an empty or no table for a long time, and they are friendly and helpful. All in all, I can definitely recommend La Libera for dinner when you’re in Alba! Book in advance though if you want to make sure that you get a table!


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Osteria La Libera

Via Elvio Pertinace 24

12051 Alba (I)

Tel.: +39 01 73 29 31 55

E-Mail: info@lalibera.com

Homepage: http://www.lalibera.com

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