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15. April 2011: Club 360 Istanbul

| April 21, 2011 | 1 Comments

The club 360 Istanbul is probably the most famous one in whole Istanbul – at least every single person who has been to Istanbul and I talked to about clubs has been there – apparently. And actually, I can understand why. The 360 Istanbul is a great place with an amazing view all over Istanbul. It is – once more – a roof top bar/club which has two parts. A lounge part and an actual club part.

The entrance is not that easy to find as you have to enter a black door (which is usually open) right next to the World House Café in the İstiklal Caddesi (street). Then you have to get to the top of the stairs where you’ll realize that you’re right (or not) when you have to start queueing up because you have to walk through a metal detector before even getting to the entrance. First of all, it’s absolutely recommendable to make a reservation in advance as otherwise the chance of actually getting in is pretty low. If you want to get in, the entrance is at least 30 TL which I would claim to be pretty pricy for Turkey.

But it pays off to actually pay the 30 TL – the club as well as the lounge are amazing. The lounge part is nice, chilly and friendly and the club part is basically one large dancefloor with bars on the side and pretty good music being played.

The crowd is pretty cool too – the people are modern and well-educated (in looks). The drinks are good and also fair in price. In addition, what you get from the 360 Istanbul is an amazing view all over Istanbul. So, overall, I can definitely recommend you to visit 360 Istanbul – one hint though, if you use Google Maps on your mobile device, make sure you’re not walking to a place apparently “being” 360 because that place is located in a pretty crappy and dangerous area and is not the real thing. The 360 is in the İstiklal Caddesi which is a main street where a lot of people can be found at all times – that’s where you should go, not to the other place on Google Maps pretending to be 360.


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Contact Details:

Club 360 Istanbul

İstiklal Caddesi

Misir Apt. No. 163 K 8

34340 Istanbul (TR)

Tel.: + 90 212 251 10 42-43

Fax: +90 212 249 24 38

Mobile: +90 533 691 03 60

E-Mail: 360istanbul@360istanbul.com

Homepage: http://www.360istanbul.com

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