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A truly amazing experience worth visiting – the ‘Discovery’ restaurant of The World’s 50 Best: Restaurant Contraste (2. April 2022)

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I had booked the Contraste after I had googled a couple of places to be visited when in Milan and this place showed up a couple of times and its chef, Matias Perdomo, seemed to be able to surprise guests with delicious new combinations. Only later that night when already seated, I realised that the restaurant had one Michelin star plus that the restaurant had been listed as one of the “Discovery Restaurants” of the year (link). To start, I went for the “Margherita (Mescal Vida, Tequila Arette, Pomegranate Juice, Lemon, Orange Liqueur)” (EUR 16.00) which was tasty but didn’t have too much drink in it since the ice cube was massive.

Since I was super curious to experience what he has to offer, I went for the “Tasting Menu” (EUR 160.00) and the”7-Glasses-Wine Pairing” (EUR 110.00). The evening started with a box to which you were handed a key …

… to open it, and you would get a “crème brulée with figs and foie gras”, “sardines in saor” and “strawberry pepper and tuna”. The first courses really made your taste buds go high – delicious is the only word I can say.

The next course was a combination of different small nibbles, like the “tropea red onion and goat cheese and caramelized onions” which was sweet and rich. The “langoustines rose and ceviche sauce” was lovely to look at and also tasty. The “amberjack mosaic” looked interesting but didn’t do too much for me personally, while the “ox sashimi, foie gras and umeboshi” on the other hand really unlocked oral happiness.

Then it was time for the third course which consisted of “scallop noodles, Parmesan mousse cheese, sesame seeds and seaweed” which was interesting, but the scallop noodles are, obviously, not tasting like too much themselves, so you really have to combine them with the mousse. The “tartar of cuttlefish and chorizo” was definitely not looking like a tartar, but it turned out to be one once you took a bite. And I must say that the combination of the chorizo with the cuttlefish really did the trick. Lastly, the “octopus and olive sauce” was an interesting tartlet but not really that exciting compared to the rest.

One of my absolute favourites that evening was the “Pasta Carbonara Ball”. It was a little black ball, and you had to have it in one bite. And I tell you, it was pure happiness once you bit it and the liquid pasta carbonara flavour would explode in your mouth. Like, wow!

The next course was an imitation of a typical Milanese dish, the “cotoletta Milanese” but it was done quite differently. The “Milanese cotoletta with veal and zucchini” didn’t look anything like a typical breaded cutlet but it, surprisingly, tasted exactly like one which was incredibly nice.

Next in line was the “monk fish and black ink cuttlefish sauce” – a relatively dull dish compared to the taste explosions which happened just before.

The “mussels ‘cacio e pepe’ with cashew cream cheese and black pepper foam” were a delicious bite again.

What I absolutely loved were the “clams spaghetti in a ravioli” – as well as the fact that the way they were served was in line with the plate. Optically appealing, although the ‘plate’ was made of plastic, and the taste of the ravioli was amazing.

The next course, a “donut with bolognese” was as delicious, although a tiny bit too dry for me. But definitely a great and enjoyable bite.

Then, there was a surprise from the kitchen, i.e., “veal sweetbread with chimichurri” which was served on a little grill and prepared right in front of the table.

Once served, it looked relatively ‘boring’ but was exquisite in taste. Smooth, intense, just overall lovely!

The “Iberian pork/Cassoeula pork with sea urchin sauce” was another great dish since the pork was aromatic and the sauce added a little extra to it.

What I liked was the way they prepared their “burrito soup” as they served a “piggy bank” and then put in a “coin” which eventually desolved …

… and created the actual soup.” Now, to be fair, the soup itself didn’t taste like that much really but I like the show effect of the whole thing.

Finally, the “ox fillet and ox dry meat” was the last savoury course. Simple yet intense, it was a great pivot of flavours of the main element of the mal.

Then, it was time for the desserts which started with “aged chocolate, guanciale” – and for me that was just too much chocolate.

What I loved though was the “fake ‘bone marrow'” which looked absolutely perfect but was actually made out of banana. An amazing idea and a great flavour surprise.

The next course was “chocolate, grapefruits and pistachio” making it a refreshing yet chocolatey dish. So, not entirely down my alley but definitely enjoyable.

The “roses cake and vanilla ice cream” was really the last course of the evening …

… and while I’m usually not a fan of cake, this was actually super smooth and buttery making it quite delicious with the rather intense vanilla ice cream.

The dishes were absolutely outstanding, and I must say that I enjoyed it a lot – quite some interesting flavours, but they were also complemented by exquisite service. The staff was super friendly, super attentive, and just made sure you would have everything you needed throughout the whole evening.

The sommelier also did an amazing job in explaining the wines, and she was super flexible when it came to adjusting the wine pairing to my gusto. And you could really see how she enjoyed the job and had fun while doing it. That’s what you want when you are a guest – someone who lightens up when she talks about her job.

On top of that, the place is super nice in terms of interior design (at least very interesting) …

… but also looks nice outside in the little patio. I imagine you also get to dine there when you’re coming in summer.

The little details in the entrance are something you only really see (or at least I only really saw) when leaving. There is a keyhole through which you can peek into the kitchen, which resembles the one served in the first course (“the box”).

I get why the Contraste was named the “Discovery Restaurant” by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants – it deserves the title as the food is exquisite, the experience is elaborate and for what you get, the price is also quite okay (although not cheap obviously). Just make sure to book your table well in advance as you might not stand a chance of getting something short notice.


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Restaurant Contraste

Via Giuseppe Meda 2

20136 Milano MI (I)

Tel.: +39 02 49 53 65 97

E-Mail: info@contrastemilano.it

Homepage: http://www.contrastemilano.it/en/

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