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Theoretically amazing, if it wasn’t for the ‘hair incident’: Restaurant Ratanà (3. April 2022)

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The Ratanà showed up on my research list a couple of times when I checked out new places for Milan. So, I decided to give it a try. The “Five-Courses Tasting Menu” (EUR 60.00) with the “Wine Pairing 5 Glasses” (EUR 40.00) makes for a great combination for lunch, and it definitely started great with a first course of “fava bean hummus, chicorée, olives” which was very tasty until …

… I found a little hairy friend in my dish. Now, frankly, shit can happen, and I didn’t make a big fuzz about it, but I was surprised that the only reaction was “sorry” and not even a coffee was offered in the end. Truly, not how I imagine great customer service.

The “bread” which was served right after was quite delicious, so we got a few batches of bread throughout the meal.

Next in line was the “veal tongue, mayonnaise without eggs, quays of the tongue, trevisan” which I liked a lot. Not only because they served something like veal tongue which isn’t so common these days any more but also because it was actually a super mouth-watering dish.

The next course was one of my absolute favourites though, the “Risotto alla vecchia Milano, bone marrow, gremolata and roast sauce” was just outstanding. The risotto was perfectly cooked, the roast sauce and the gremolata really added to the dish and the little piece of bone marrow was a nice add to the whole dish.

The “roasted ficatum chicken (fed with figs) marinated with anchovies and rosemary, borlotti beans purée” was quite fine too. I’m not that big a fan of chicken as a main, but it turned out to be quite delicious – surprisingly, I must say.

Then, it was time for a palate cleanser. The “roasted apple sorbet with fennel” was a nice break between the different courses and a prefect transition to the dessert. And, roasted apple sorbet really tastes amazing.

The “Barbajada. Dark Chocolate cream and coffee mousse, chocolate cremoso, coffee crumble, panna cotta, milk meringue” was definitely interesting but it was also definitely too much chocolate for me.

Last but not least, the “friandises” were rather simple compared to the rest of the meal.

The place is generally quite lovely, and you feel comfortable. It is also rather noisy when the families walk in around 1pm for lunch, but that’s just part of how things are.

The whole experience was nice – the food is good, it’s absolutely fair in price, and the atmosphere is fine too. The service does its job, but the fact that they dealt with the hair incident the way they did, i.e., they didn’t really, was really disappointing.


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Restaurant Ratanà

Via Gaetano de Castillia 28

20124 Milano MI (IT)

Tel.: +39 02 87 12 88 55

E-Mail: info@Ratana.it

Homepage: http://www.ratana.it

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