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A charming location with rather average food: Restaurant Winstub Arnold (2. July 2022)

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The Winstub Arnold was mentioned in a TV documentary and since we were in the vicinity, we decided to give it a try. It’s a rather simplistic place, but it has its own charm. Given we were in Alsace, it was time to try something local like the “escargots à l’Alsacienne (12 pieces)” (EUR 23.00) which are, like all snails, not really that special in terms of the snails themselves, but the sauce was, of course, delicious.

The “foie gras de canard à la façon du chef” (EUR 26.50) was good. Personally, I prefer the foie gras which is seared and fresh compared to the ‘terrine like one’, but this one was actually not that bad. And the brioche was nice and fluffy with a nice buttery taste. So, the combination was quite good.

The “tarte flambée normale (la traditionnelle crème fromage blanc, lardons et ognions)” (EUR 9.80) was my only tarte flambée this weekend. And it was quite decent. Personally, there was a bit too much crème fromage blanc on it which added a bit of a sour-ish taste to the dish, which I didn’t enjoy too much.

Since I always try what I don’t know, I decided to go for that thing called “baeckeoffe aux trois viandes” (EUR 26.50) and I was quite shocked when it was served. Not so much because I didn’t know what to expect in terms of taste and flavours, but because the portion can basically feed a small family. The pot really serves at least 2-3 people (and only if you’re a heavy eater). Other than that, the dish is ‘interesting’. Heavy on the potato side and you have to dig quite a bit until you get to the meat pieces. And since they have been cooked (or boiled?) for quite some time, they are at least quite tender. Personally, not a dish I would go for again, but it was definitely interesting to experience and happy that I have tried it.

The place is quite nice and the old wooden barrel which serves as a bar definitely contributes to the atmosphere.

Since it was burning hot, we obviously didn’t eat inside – but the place looked quite appealing too. So, even if you would decide to come in winter, it might actually be quite nice.

To sum it up, the Winstub Arnold is a nice place you can definitely visit when you’re in the vicinity, but it’s a rather down-to-earth kind of experience and not really worth the travel.


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Restaurant Winstub Arnold

67140 Itterswiller (F)

Tel.: +33 3 88 85 50 58

E-Mail: arnold-hotel@wanadoo.fr

Homepage: http://www.hotel-arnold.com

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